Best wedding rings for men

Wedding rings can be simple and straightforward in their design, or quite the opposite. The market is full of refreshing, unique and interesting styles to reflect a minimalist look or make more of a statement. Some might prefer a sporty black titanium ring, while others opt for polished gold. Diamonds can also be part of the design, either subtly or boldly. If you’re the sentimental type, opt for the best men’s wedding bands that match your partner’s or add a personalized engraving with your wedding date or initials.

Choosing the right style takes time, but you can find plenty of beautiful, high-quality wedding rings online. You’ll want to know your ring size ahead of time, which you can easily determine with a practical Guide or by buying one ring sizer. The ideal band should slide comfortably over your knuckle but not slide over your finger.

A few other tips to keep in mind: If you have sensitive skin, stick to pure metals — gold, platinum, silver — and hypoallergenic titanium (avoid nickel). As for the width of the tape, the most popular ranges from 5 to 6 mm. Go for 3-4mm if you prefer a slim, minimalist look, and 7-9mm if you want a ring that stands out.

Beyond that, explore the options and see what suits your personal tastes. Ahead, we’ve rounded up seven of the best men’s wedding bands that are comfortable to wear, stylish in design, and will stand the test of time.

  • Best durable wedding bands for men: David Yourman
  • The most comfortable wedding bands for men: Mejuri
  • Best classic wedding rings for men: Piaget
  • Best Affordable Classic Wedding Bands for Men: True
  • Best Unique Wedding Rings for Men: clean origin
  • Best men’s wedding band with diamonds: Anna Sheffield
  • Best silicone wedding bands for men: Qalo

Best Durable Wedding Bands for Men

David Yourman

Crafted from sturdy black titanium and blackened sterling silver, David Yurman’s bracelet has an iconic look that never goes out of style in both design and craftsmanship. It is also available in a lighter gray titanium and in a variety of widths.

The most comfortable wedding bands for men


For the minimalist, Mejuri’s 14k solid gold bracelet is lightweight, smooth and streamlined. Keep it simple or add a personal internal engraving to you and your partner.

Best Classic Wedding Rings for Men


Known for its fine jewelry and timepieces, Piaget excels in detail, especially when it comes to classic pieces. This 18k white gold ring is the perfect example with a subtle, elegant and timeless layered effect.

Best Affordable Classic Wedding Rings for Men


A ring substantial enough to stand out yet versatile enough to complement any taste, Vrai’s Semi-Round Wedding Band is a great affordable option for under $1,000. It is available in 18k yellow or white gold, 14k rose gold and platinum.

Best Engraved Men’s Wedding Rings

shiny earth

Best Unique Wedding Rings for Men

clean origin

With a layered effect and textured finish, the Zachary Band from Clean Origin is for the more modern groom. It is available in several different metals as well as widths.

Best men’s wedding band with diamonds

Anna Sheffield

An option with a vintage sensibility, Anna Sheffield’s Virtue band is adorned with understated black diamonds. The brand also offers personalized engravings.

Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Men


For anyone with sensitive skin or who needs a ring that can take a lot of wear and tear, Qalo’s silicone bands are the way to go. This style combines the polished form of traditional metal with the extreme durability of silicone (it’s also affordable if you’re the type to lose things).