Best Perilous Journey Movies, Ranked

Films that take the human spirit and attempt to break it or at least find its limits, the perilous journey is a relentless test of endurance that spans the globe. Whether it’s an epic hero’s journey based on myth, the revolutionary spirit of rebellion, or the search for a way to save love from the grip of death. This is a collection of films that have danger around every corner. Stories that use the world as an allegory of the individual. They attempt to find hope in despair and offer a solution to the human condition. These films will test the patience and the will of the public as well as the people who compose them.

ten Logan

James Mangold is a director who adapts to his times, often hijacking popular cinematic trends and finding a way to subvert the genre to his liking. Teaming up with veteran screenwriter Scott Frank, Mangold did just that with Logan. Taking the almighty Wolverine and making him a dying, austere old man, he turned the superhero movie into a classic Western. As a withered and grizzled Wolverine teams up with an even older Professor X, the two discover a young mutant and embark on an epic journey that tests their limits. It’s one of the best superhero films of the last ten years, proving the heart and courage a comic book movie can possess.

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9 Aguirre The Wrath of God

Per IndieWire, Werner Herzog is a director known for dragging himself and others into the depths of hell to get the authenticity and truth he wants to tell his story. Renegade by nature, Herzog was the perfect artist to do Aguirre, The Wrath of God. Sticking to his documentary style, Herzog creates a hellish landscape that plunges the character of Klaus Kinski (Don Lope de Aquirre) into violence worse than man. It’s an epic look at the destruction of the Inca Empire, while focusing on the aftermath of a short-sighted and catastrophic expedition.

8 Interstellar

“Love Transcends Time and Space.”, Christopher Nolan’s epic work across the entirety of the galaxy using the possibility of wormholes to travel to save the planet comes down to the human ability to to like. Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway; the two are tasked with traversing the cosmos to save planet Earth, only to realize that they may not be meant to stay there. Nolan uses his grandiose visual style and mechanical diligence to create realistic practical effects to take his audience to another dimension.

seven Saving Private Ryan

The most realistic depiction of D-Day created for the big screen came from master craftsman Steven Spielberg. Using all of its technical prowess to depict war in all its unsettling brutality has made for one of the greatest war films ever made. Centering the story around a single troop led by none other than Tom Hanks to rescue a soldier (Matt Damon) deep in enemy territory to prevent his lineage and the future generation from being killed, the soldiers embark on an epic journey to save the life of a soldier. Saving Private Ryan is an adventure that speaks of the ultimate sacrifice but of the brotherhood necessary during war and bloodshed.

6 The world of Nemo

Pixar has its fair share of heartfelt journeys, but none get to the heart of father-son relationships like The world of Nemo. The film shows what it means to be a parent who would go to the end of the world to save his flesh and blood. With the hilarious Albert Brooks voicing Marlin, the father who loses his child, Pixar uses its animation technology perfectly to create a bright, beautiful and terrifying world out of the ocean whose depths hold as much uncertainty as the night sky. . It’s also a touching buddy movie with Ellen DeGeneres doing a great voice job as Dory. The world of Nemo is as epic as it is intimate.

5 children of men

by Alfonso Cuarón children of men is a dark, post-apocalyptic world plagued by domestic terrorism, economic disparity, and a society determined to tear itself apart because women who suddenly lose their ability to reproduce have troubling but timely themes that resonate year after year. Placing Theo (Clive Owen) center stage as he traverses war-torn UK battling terrorist and guerrilla factions because his ex-wife Julian (Julianne Moore) convinces him to bring the only known woman to safety to be pregnant. It’s an epic, poignant yet beautiful story about the ever endearing power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

4 Lawrence of Arabia

One of the most famous epics in the history of cinema is a grandiose, romantic and brutal tale that unveils the myth of the hero. by David Lean Lawrence of Arabia takes us into the groundbreaking story of TE Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) as he leads the British expedition to aid the Arab tribes in their rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. While the film takes us through the crude vision of infinity, sand, and gorgeous vistas, the film is also a great character study. As we watch the film’s long run, O’Toole slowly erodes, succumbing to the cruel nature of war.

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3 lord of the rings trilogy

One of the great shows of the turn of the century was made possible by the faithful and successful adaptation of a gigantic undertaking. The epic of JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings. This could have been a disaster in the wrong hands, but Peter Jackson has crafted a tangible storyline that seamlessly ties the three films together for an epic, mythical tale of beauty and darkness. Not only living the lengths of a long and perilous journey charted across three films, but shooting in succession as there was no time wasted testing endurance while embarking on one of the hero’s great journeys in our time. The Jackson Trilogy is the epitome of epic walking.

2 Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the greatest feats of modern cinema, George Miller’s project to salvage his past work, Mad Max: Fury Road is a relentless, oil-fused journey through the blood-soaked sands as a group of madmen attempt to see Valhalla. Starring Tom Hardy as growling Mad Max and Charlize Theron as badass Furiosa, the two form an unlikely team as Miller pits their two stories against each other in a never-ending chase. Miller uses action brilliantly to set up the story’s exposition information while giving the characters a proper arc.

1 Revelation now

One of the greatest war films ever made, Revelation now saw Francis on the brink of collapse. Nearly bankrupt to get the film made while immersing himself and the film crew in the heart of the jungle, what came out of it became a seminal piece of American cinema and history. Young Benjamin Willard (Martin Sheen) is sent on a top-secret mission to assassinate the violent and murderous Walter E. Kurtz who has escaped to the farthest reaches of Vietnamese villages. Apocalypse is a war film like no other, a hallucinatory nightmare in the heart of darkness.