Best Apple Watch Series 7 watch bands in almost any material


Apple Watch has come a long way from its humble smartwatch beginnings, when upstarts like Pebble (sigh, Pebble) could challenge it for real estate on the wrist. Now the Apple Watch is a powerful computer that just happens to be strapped to your wrist. You can make calls on it, use it to start workouts (not just follow the steps … although you can do that too), operate your smart home, write messages on its surface and a million more. things that no other smart watch can do, or at least do also. (The Forbes Apple Watch Series 7 review is coming soon, and you can still pre-order one today before its October 15 release date.)

The only thing stopping people from delving into the Apple Watch ecosystem (well, aside from being intimidated by its vast features) is that it still looks a bit dated. It has improved in recent years. In fact, if you order your Apple Watch Series 7 from the Apple Store, you can choose exactly which watch band matches your style when you place your order. No need to get stuck with a solid black “sports loop” anymore.

But even so, there is a wide variety of types of watch bands that Apple just doesn’t have. And with such a variety of choices available, it can be hard to know where to start to find the legitimate ones (because there is nothing worse than a cheap knockoff of Amazon to ruin your day). Here are some of my favorite aftermarket and official bands for the Apple Watch Series 7.

LifeProof ecological watch band

New to the watch band game, LifeProof is releasing a very compelling band made from 99% ocean plastic thread. Although it is plastic, it is soft on the wrist and resists fading and wear. Best of all, when you buy a group from LifeProof, it donates $ 1 to one of its affiliated nonprofits that benefits ocean conservation and safe water.

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Barton canvas watch strap

If you are looking for something practical and casual, this Barton canvas band is perfect. With Halloween right around the corner, I’m a bit biased towards this pumpkin orange edition. But you can find additional color combinations on their website. This is the one that I would recommend to buy directly from the official site, as there are a lot of fakes on the major e-merchants out there.

Jord Harmonic Apple Watch Straps

While the official Apple Watch Bands are cool, there are times when you have to step outside the Apple ecosystem to find something truly unique. This is the case with these Jord bracelets in stainless steel and real wood. With four different styles to choose from, including a breathtaking purple heart and bronze bracelet, you can find exactly the right combination of materials to complement your case. They’re eye-catching and definitely different from almost anything you find.

Nomadic watch strap in titanium

The only thing Apple missed in my opinion when it introduced its new titanium case was the release of a companion titanium bracelet. Fortunately, the folks at Nomad are ahead of them, offering a black and silver titanium bracelet. Lightweight and stylish, it’s the perfect accessory for your new ultra-light titanium Apple Watch.

Nomadic sport group

Nomad continues to make my favorite watch straps outside of the official Apple straps. They are durable, attractive and stylish. The Nomad Sport Band is made from very high quality FKM rubber. It will not decompose under high heat, will not be cracked or discolored by exposure to chemicals (like sunscreen) and is, of course, waterproof. Ventilation channels in the strap keep moisture from collecting underneath, making it the perfect companion for all your activities. It cleans up quickly, dries even faster, and looks good enough to stay on your wrist all the time.

Nomad Active Band Pro

Active Band Pro Classic Brown Leather Black Hardware

The Nomad Active Band Pro is, honestly, the only band you need for your Apple Watch Series 7. Made from a combination of waterproof leather and FKM rubber, it has ventilation channels to keep it comfortable. whatever activity you do and remains flawless even if soaked. Because it’s easy to clean, it quickly and easily goes from workouts to work to night dates.

Apple leather tie

Apple’s Leather Link straps are unique in their magnetic and enveloping style. It’s kind of like a high-end version of the “totally no Velcro” sports buckle bands. Colors available range from bright and vibrant California poppy to luxurious dark cherry. Sober and elegant, they are worth wearing on your wrist.

Apple Watch Band Hermes Rouge de CÅ“ur / Rouge H Jumping Single Tour

Apple Watch Herm̬s Р40mm Rouge de Coeur / Rouge H Jumping Single Tour

If you’re looking for official Hermès bands to turn your Apple Watch from “utility” to “fashion bomb,” you’ll need to go straight to the source. Available only at the Apple Store, these bracelets are made from a woven fabric that is resistant to swimming. The designs are unlike anything else you can get for your Apple Watch. And with a price tag almost equal to that of the watch itself, they better be.

Milanese Apple Watch Band Buckle

Apple’s official Milanese Loop band is smooth, flexible, and attractive. It’s also magnetic, so it’s easy to fit around your wrist, regardless of size. The tight weave of the mesh prevents it from snagging on your wrist hairs – something I found to be a problem with cheaper Milanese bands. It’s not as expensive as the Hermès group, but at $ 99 it’s expensive enough that you only want to consider it if you want to classify your Apple Watch for a night out.

Apple Watch Braided Solo Buckle

I’ve written at length that the official Apple Solo Loop is a waste of money (mainly because, as nice as it is, it only lasts a few months) but the braided solo loop is a whole different story. Although it does stretch a bit if you wear it everyday, switching to a different curl for a few days seems to be enough to let the braided solo curl tighten up. It’s comfortable, practical, and comes in a variety of colors that complement your new Apple Watch. The Pride Group even has a matching animated watch face that you can download.


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