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This week, Laurie O’Tool, marketing/public relations coordinator for the Berkeley County Library System (BCLS), reviews the children’s book “God’s Coming to Visit” by Franz Hübner and illustrated by Angela Glökler and Rea Grit Zielinski. Published last year, the books are recommended for ages 3-7.

The animals are all abuzz about the latest rumor started by the doves who passed it on to the seagulls, then to the whales, and finally, passed it on to the dolphins who told the rest of the crew God come to us visit today! So much to do! Feathers need to fluff, fish need to sing, ants need to build, and hummingbirds need to choreograph their cactus dance to perfection.

The illustrations of “God is coming to visit us!” depict a variety of animals in beautiful colors and larger than life images to express grandeur and reverence for their expected visitor. The reader is captivated by the many conversations between the animals. “What can I do?” asked a butterfly. “Something special!” said a chicken. “Something big for God!” But the butterfly didn’t feel special or awesome. He was also tired of waiting for God to come.

Time passes and the same question is uttered by every beak, beak, gill and tiny insect mouth. Where is God? Disappointment spreads as the animals all come home for the night with sad hearts. But then, a whisper echoes through the trees of a silhouette of a bird-like creature illuminated by the beautiful harvest moon. The wise old owl reminds the creatures: “God is always there! We don’t have to do anything to impress God. God loves us exactly as we are.

The pressure eases in the hearts of animals when they realize they are deeply loved and don’t have to act or try too hard to receive God’s love. So what should they do now? “Be calm and feel God’s love,” said the owl. “Share your worries with God and ask for help. Above all, love God and love one another.”

The author, Franz Hübner, lives in Germany and is well known for writing stories about children’s questions about God. He studied Business Administration, with his first experience in media/film writing. He has been writing children’s books since 1995. Illustrators Angela Glökler and Rea Grit Zielinski, who also reside in Germany, collaborated on the illustrations for the book.

I discovered “God is coming to visit us!” in search of a beautifully illustrated children’s book and was pleasantly surprised. The animal characters are friendly and relatable. The story reflects many of the daily setbacks we encounter when we think we are not good enough or strong enough to endure life’s struggles. We feel more discouragement than encouragement and just need to hear that someone loves us.

“God is coming to visit us! offers readers themes of diversity, inclusiveness, compassion and kindness while teaching the simplicity of God’s love to embrace and experience in offering help to someone in need, letting that person getting in front of us in traffic or paying for the car behind us at the drive-in. In our world we see an abundance of cruelty and harshness with a scarcity of kindness. “God is coming to visit us! reminds the reader how much we need to love and be loved.

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More information:

Title: “God is coming to visit us!”

Author: Franz Hubner

Illustrators: Angela Glökler and Rea Grit Zielinski

Genre: Children’s picture book

Lexile: 3-7 years

Release date: 2021