Battle to End All Battles: The Battle of the Groups 2021 |


Bayou Classic is rooted much deeper than just a game. It’s one of the biggest black gatherings of people from all over, not just the South and Grambling, coming together for a fun weekend. Considering this is the first year back to New Orleans after the first wave of COVID seen last year, this was a huge deal for the state of Louisiana. All the hype is definitely worth it and is a must see cultural event.

The songs, the bright lights, the rhythm of the drum, the moving sounds of the group, the glow of the dolls all returned this Friday night. After two long-awaited years, the Jukebox is back in the annual group battle at the Superdome. On Friday November 26, 2021 the 48th Annual Bands Battle took place and of course The Southern University Human JukeBox took the victory.

Grambling State’s Jukebox and World Famed Tiger Marching Band played five rounds each, with each round becoming more exciting than the next. Fans of all ages were able to enjoy and participate in the show.

The bands both collectively performed a mix of new and old school jams. In second year, Rondreka Zenon had never experienced anything like this before. “I love hearing the bands play at halftime, but it was different from a halftime show. It was like a triple show at halftime. The dolls were lovely and of course the best band in the country did what they had to do.

Freshman Tyran Williams played in his first Bayou Classic. “Playing in my first classic was a crazy experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world… Walking and doing the Funk Train was one of the best sensations in the world.” Becoming an official band member is one of the greatest accomplishments one can accomplish as a member of the Human Jukebox.

For many people, it was their first time attending the Bayou Classic. Freshman, Kailey Glass said, “I’ve always dreamed of this moment. I knew that the day I decided to go to the University of the South, I had to attend the Bayou Classic. Hearing our band play was so exciting. Seeing the crowd cheering and singing along to the music made me feel amazing. Both bands were amazing, but we already know Southern has the best band in the country. “

The Jukebox had a hectic week as they started out playing at halftime for the New Orleans Saints game against the Buffalo Bills. The band is full of excitement and surprises, so stay tuned for upcoming events to find out more about Southern University’s Band.