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The video posted by former US President Barack Obama on Twitter shows his discussion with the girl about Green Eggs and Ham.

Former US President Barack Obama recently took to Twitter to share a heartwarming conversation between him and an elementary school child. This girl was telling Obama about Dr. Seuss’ popular children’s book, Green Eggs and Ham.

The video opens to show Obama visiting the immunization center at Kimball Elementary School in Washington. He asks the little girl: “Do you have a favorite book? “Green eggs and ham,” she nods. The duo then proceeds to recite a few lines from the book. “You know what, you and I could hit the road. It’s fantastic, ”he concludes.

The caption that accompanied the video read, “I thought I knew Green Eggs and Ham better than most, but at the Kimball Elementary vaccination site earlier this month, I finally met my partner.”

Observe their interaction for yourself:

Since posting to Twitter on December 23, this video has garnered over 8.4 million views and several adorable comments.

“It gave me the biggest smile! Your spirit warms my soul and the way you interact with children says a lot about yours, ”commented one individual. “Is it any wonder that so many people love and admire you? Quite simply a wonderful human being who knows how to love and show respect and kindness to everyone, ”complimented another. “It’s an oxygen machine. Infinite goodness, ”reads another comment.

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