Bands performing at KARE 11 Barn August 25-28

For Mayda Miller, communication and connectedness manifests itself through music.

“Everyone understands music. I mean, no matter what; how old are you – even a baby knows what the beat sounds like.

Miller, who just plays like Mayda, speaks several different languages, including but not limited to: funk, pop, soul, R&B and rock. A Korean adoptee who grew up in St. Paul, Mayda says she found her voice on the journey of finding herself.

“I’m pretty sure all of my songs — everything I do, honestly — are from my adoption,” she said. “It comes from me remembering how I felt growing up – trying to be okay with who I am.”

She says that because she didn’t look like her parents, she often felt like she was being stared at, “like a panther in a cage”.

“I have a song called, “Panthers”, and it’s about taking your flaws or your insecurities and using them as a superpower,” she said. “Through my music and by example, this is where I feel I can excel; this is where I feel I can create the most teachable moments and lessons.

Bassist, Miho, who Mayda says came to the Twin Cities from Japan with dreams of performing with late superstar Prince, and drummer, Marcus, a new addition to the group, help reinforce Mayda’s storytelling on stage. . She says she’s taking them with her to prepare for both a new album and some big shows coming to the Twin Cities this fall.

You can catch Mayda’s set at KARE 11 Barn on Friday, August 26.