Bands across the country play the Oxford HS fight song

(WXYZ) – Schools across the country have shown their support for the Oxford community in very creative ways. According to a press release from the district, more than 80 bands, from Michigan to North Carolina, and everywhere in between, have learned the Oxford High School Fight Song and are posting their performances on YouTube to show their support for the high school. .

Oxford High School band principal Jim Gibbons and Oxford Middle School band director Brad Schmaltz shared the score for the fight song after being contacted by a band director who wanted to express his love and his support but did not know how.

“It’s a very busy time in the band world because they are working on their holiday gigs. But they took the time to learn our fight song and play it for us, as well as their own communities. It’s just overwhelming for us, ”Gibbons says in a press release.

The Oxford Fight Song was written in 1944 by a student. The original song does not reflect a college or university fight song like most high schools typically do.

Somer Lach, a high school student in Oxford, has assembled parts of the videos of fight songs from groups across the country. “They all play the same piece of music. All with the same drive. All having the same fight. No matter where we are the kids in the group, our age or our experience, we can always come together to create something beautiful like this in times of need and tragedy, ”Lach said in a statement.

Oxford High School Orchestra Principal Marissa Weller said in the statement: “All these different bands, styles and venues playing the same piece of music, joining our same fight, are extremely encouraging.”

Marshall Music Co. is also helping to show support for Oxford High School by posting a Music Department Wish List where the general public can purchase supplies to donate to students.