Avril Lavigne looks back on 20 years in music and is seen as an influence by Gen Z artists like Olivia Rodrigo

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Avril Lavigne has worked in the music industry for two decades and is now loved by young singers like Olivia Rodrigo.

Rodrigo, 18, wasn’t even alive when Lavigne, 37, released his debut album Let’s go in 2002.

Canadian hitmaker tells The forty-five to be cited as an influence by leading Gen Z artists today: “I feel very lucky that so many of these young artists have mentioned me as someone who inspired them.

“It’s really cool. A lot of people tell me that when I meet them now at this point in my career, and it’s really flattering. It’s not something I expected when I first started out. to make music, so hearing that now is really rewarding.

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Avril Lavigne. Credit: Jenn Five for The Forty-Five

She adds: “She is [Olivia Rodrigo] total love and she is such a great songwriter. His music really resonated with younger and older audiences. It’s really exciting because she’s so young and evolving so much from here too… It’s exciting to see a woman so good on this path and just getting started.

Lavigne goes on to reflect on 20 years in music: “I’m excited to be 20 and still rock! I’m really grateful to keep doing what I love and to have a musical outlet. I’m having so much fun with it all… I’m making music so far in my career because I really want it and it’s just such a big part of my life.

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Avril Lavigne.  Credit: Jenn Five for The Forty-Five
Avril Lavigne. Credit: Jenn Five for The Forty-Five

The musician also talks about the resurgence of pop-punk, telling the post how “it’s nice to see people enjoying the genre and having fun with it.”

She says, “Seeing the new generation discover OG groups and see people work together, connect and collaborate. It’s good.”

Lavigne then shared his collaboration with Travis Barker, his signing on his label and his new music: “I needed to find a label for the [new] the music, and it was like an obvious choice [Travis Barker’s DTA Records]. He’s an artist, so he understood my vision, but he also knows the importance of being a good partner. Blink-182 has always been one of my favorite bands.

“I had the opportunity to work with a lot of really cool people. It’s just guitar focused and high tempo and a lot of it feels like the record I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, where I didn’t care and thought of nothing.