Attention! Diesel Cars Must Face An Increase In The Tax Rate!

If your car is diesel, it is time to start considering your retirement, as a new tax that will be levied on this class of vehicles threatens to destabilize your domestic economy every time you go to refuel. Not surprisingly, these vehicles are the most polluting of the market and that, our planet is a luxury that can no longer afford it.


Climate change is a very serious problem

Climate change

Thus, the Government of Spain has appointed a Committee of Experts to advise on what should be the strategy to follow in energy and climate issues.

Diesel is also blamed for the responsibility that almost half a million people die each year in Europe due to air pollution (more than 20,000 of them in Spain).

In view of the facts, it is urgent to get down to work. Thus, this group of experts has just published its first report from which the recommendation to decarbonize transport emanates. And how would it be carried out? Well, raising the tax rate applicable to diesel by 29% and gasoline by 10%. To this it is added that in general the VAT of fuels would be increased.  

It is estimated that this increase would mean ten euros more when refueling. What do you think? Of course, the thing does not end there because the gas consumed in homes would also suffer an increase of 6%.


Europe has been insisting on this rise for years but Spain has resisted taking the step so far


It is no secret that the European Commission has been putting pressure on Spain for years to end the low taxation of diesel and apply an increase in all environmental taxes.  

However, the Government turned a deaf ear to the recommendations given that an increase in energy taxation was considered to harm the economy, impair the disposable income of families and even hamper the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

Perhaps this belief was not misleading, since it is evident that the Spanish economy – until a year or even ago – has not been for many trots since certain sectors could resent the application of the tax measure. Specifically we talk about farmers or professional drivers (such as taxi drivers and the guild of carriers). All of them would be compensated for the costs they should incur during a period that allows them to make a competitive transition.


What does the agricultural sector say?

What does the agricultural sector say?

The truth is that the agricultural sector has already shouted in the sky and looks quite suspiciously at the possible increase. In this sense, according to the estimates of the Union of Farmers and Livestock Unions, this increase would mean an extra disbursement of 200 million euros more per year for the agricultural diesel required for the development of its task.

This organization also criticizes the double standards of the Government that invents a tax for the sun and then intends to launch a new increase in the tax rate: ‘You can not put taxes on the sun and then criticize that not enough energy is used clean. We are aware of environmental problems and we are the first to feel threatened by the progress of climate change and we will take advantage of any innovative tools that are available to us to contribute to combating it.

We must keep in mind that if things are not done well, the duck will end up paying the consumer because the prices of fresh products will become more expensive to cope with the rise.


And the carriers?

And the carriers?

Of course, carriers also show their dissatisfaction in this regard since, in their opinion, this measure could have a very negative effect on Spanish exports. Not surprisingly, our country – without going any further – exports a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to EU countries.

In short, diesel vehicles have the days counted since filling the tank will become an attack on the pocket. All this to convince drivers to abandon these cars and opt for others driven by clean energy such as electricity.

Of course, this measure is meaningless if it is not accompanied by the corresponding support for electric vehicles, such as a decrease in the electricity bill to encourage the use of the electric car. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the sale price of these vehicles and encourage their purchase with subsidies.


Is there already a decrease in sales of this class of vehicles?

Is there already a decrease in sales of this class of vehicles?

Traffic restrictions of the most polluting cars in cities like Madrid due to the alarming levels of pollution have made a dent in the sales of diesel cars. In fact, these have decreased by 6% during the first quarter of 2018.  

According to Anfac data, only 38.2% of the 110,474 cars acquired during this year in Spain run on diesel.


Are you going to need an online loan to buy an electric car?

Are you going to need an online loan to buy an electric car?

At this point you may be considering moving to the electric car so that all these tax problems do not affect you. If so, great. We recommend that you inform yourself about the Alternative Mobility Support Plan (Molvat).

The aforementioned plan provides an aid of 5,500 euros for the acquisition of this class of cars and 1,000 euros more if we install a charging point for the vehicle in question.

From our comparator of loans and online accounts we encourage you to take the step towards electric mobility, provided you are willing to do so. If not, we can also help you. Check out all our online credits.

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