Artists sing the praises of their halls in New York

A former nightclub/burlesque theater in Times Square, a French Gothic-style church in downtown and a speakeasy in Chelsea are among the venues lending their special vibe to a variety of live music events in New York this week. .

Whether it’s architecture and design, colorful history, or personal memories and associations, context is everything when it comes to music, so Forbes asked a variety of artists to say a few words about the places they invest.

Sun 20 March

The 8-Bit Big Band, Sony Hall

“To perform with The 8-Bit Bit Big Band in an incredible venue like Sony Hall in the heart of Times Square is an incredible honor! When people around the world think of New York, the first place that comes to mind is Times Square, so to play what is arguably a fairly niche genre of music (video game music) using equally niche instrumentation (big band jazz orchestra) in the heart of New York surrounded by theaters more than a year old century that have hosted countless great artists and musicians is a real privilege.” — Charlie Rosen, arranger and conductor

Tue 22 March

“Infinity Gradient”, St. Thomas Church

“When I write music, I often think about the type of space where it will be played. Some of my music is best suited to galleries, theaters or smaller venues, but this piece best belongs somewhere that evokes thoughts of what might exist beyond our world while helping us reflect on our own universe and the laws of physics, and Saint Thomas Church does it in a spectacular way. — Tristan Périch, composer

Fri, March 25

Daddy Rabbit, secret place in Chelsea (behind the Coca-Cola door)

Additional dates: April 25, 29, May 13, 27

“The new place is super sexy and mysterious. It’s like being in the coolest jungle room with panthers, jazz and cocktails. It’s very intimate and there’s no bad place to sit or stand. The group is of course in the middle of the room and you can smell the sweat, the smell of excitement and seduction, foaming all your senses. — Misha Piatigorsky, pianist and conductor

Sat 26 March

Lez Zeppelin, Gramercy Theater

“The Gramercy has long been our favorite house in New York because it’s the perfect venue – charming and grand, yet still intimate. We first played there in 2007. We were booked for two nights consecutive and sold out on both nights. At the end of the second show, the Gramercy staff presented us with two bottles of Dom Pérignon on stage. We opened them on the spot, of course, as the audience went wild. While we managed to drink some of it – maybe around $100 – the rest ended up all over our clothes, the stage, the audience and the amplifiers. It was very Led Zeppelin-esque, think about it! The Gramercy seems always bring out the best – and the most mischievous – in us. Steph Payne, singer