Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 12 Best Movies, Ranked

Walter Hill always believed in Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Everyone thinks it’s his muscles,” Hill told the Chicago Tribune, “It’s not that at all: it’s his face, his eyes. from ancient Greece… They just love seeing this guy win.”

Because of this belief, Hill cast Schwarzenegger in “Red Head” not as another American patriot but as a zealous Soviet policeman, which was a tough sell in 1980s America. Indeed, that may explain why the film made just under $35 million. However, “Red Heat” isn’t just a pretty good entry into Schwarzenegger’s filmography, it also contains one of his most interesting performances.

Following the buddy-cop formula Hill popularized in “48 Hours,” Schwarzenegger plays Captain Danko, the straight man, against James Belushi’s Detective Sergeant Ridzik, a chain-smoking Chicago cop. Thanks to Hill’s direction, Danko is one of the few Schwarzenegger roles in which the character precedes Arnold’s on-screen persona. That’s not to say Arnold doesn’t take out the trash. He does, both with his bare fists and a .44 Magnum.

“Red Heat” is also interesting for two other reasons. First, there’s James Horner’s score, whose synthetic compositions are best represented by ‘The Hotel’, with its ominous chords and shattering drum beat. Then there’s the geopolitical significance Sections of “Red Heat” were filmed in semi-secret in the USSR, including scenes in Moscow’s Red Square, where Schwarzenegger was dressed in full Soviet uniform and drew attention. attention from nearby guards, according to producer Andrew Vajna.