Andrew Bayer unveils the second part of the “duality” of his music

After the first indie and downtempo part of DualityAndrew Bayer illustrates the progressive and dancing side of his music.

People are complex and multifaceted in every possible way, filled with contradictions and diversity that eventually seep into the art we create. These driving questions about who we are and how we discover each facet of ourselves, stripping ourselves of our personalities, is an endless challenge. But, Andre Bayer faces these issues head on and finds the dichotomy of himself and his music reflected in his latest albums, Duality pt. 1 and Duality pt. 2.

Released earlier this year, Duality pt. 1 explored a side of Bayer that had not been returned. Although acclaimed for its progressive and trance music, the album saw the artist travel through downtempo and more indie sounds, bringing in artists like Asborn, Vok, David Thomas Junioramong other things, for the first half of the trip.

When releasing the first part, Bayer shared, “On my last album, I had to remix the entire album after it came out to make the worlds fit. This time around I wanted to capture the full breadth, depth and tension of this duality. in a single project. Now that Part 2 is finally here, we’re able to experience the full breadth, depth, and tension.

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From the start, the contrast between each album is obvious.

The album’s opening song, “Midnight” with Alison May, introduces a loud, gritty texture that slowly builds to a climax before receding as the music settles into a simple melody. As Alison May begins to sing along to the track, her introduction also reigns over a classic kick, marrying rhythmic groove with seductive vocals as she delights with the lyrics, “Hold on tight / We’re leaving at midnight.” Even though May has the opportunity to shine on the track, Bayer’s hard-hitting drop progresses towards the close, driving the song into a flurry of dance-ready synths that blend into each other, and it’s the dance characteristics that are linked. every song on the album.

The clamor of the first notes of “DNA” with red dragons introduces a texture of sharp staccatos. Red Dragons’ vocals fill in the gaps of articulate sounds perfectly before Bayer tunes in with a cascade of glitchy, gritty tones reminiscent of the blog house era. Although it has its heaviest moments, the second half demonstrates the beauty and light, progressive moments of its music.

Of every song on the album, it’s “more chances” with OLAN which comes closest to the independent sensibilities that made up the first part of Duality. It paints a more subdued image which is enhanced by OLAN’s clear voice. The drop is in stark contrast to earlier songs, drifting into a lower range of sounds that eventually overflow with echoes and flickering synths.

At every moment on Duality is layered with textures that are equally stunning and energetic.

On tapemarks a return to the cinematic landscapes so characteristic of Andrew Bayer’s music. The ride to the downfall is steady and uplifting before dark pinches string together a new layer of heavy and robust rhythms. It pulsates with a renewed energy that just pops up everywhere. In his classic way, Bayer also orchestrates listeners through a wave of calm before churning out a tasteful mix of a dance rush.

Moving on to the next song, lush soundscapes of a piano are embedded into the base of “I would likewhich features the talents of Alison May, who joined Bayer on the opening track, as well as grandfather machine. Despite being the shortest offering on the album, at around four minutes, the song is just as stunning as any other song on Dualityy with its tender, heartbreaking and more instrumental leaning notes. Tenderness sinks into “Break the rules” with Kaleena Zanderswhich was released before the album as a single.

With Zanders’ dynamic vocals laid on the track, it’s an emotional affair before dropping into a powerful version with a message just as powerful as an LGBTQ+ anthem. When the song was released earlier this year, she shared a preview of her creation, saying: “After a long, moving and at times hilarious conversation in the studio about our struggles growing up as gay, Andrew and I felt an undeniable need to do something healing and powerful.” Zanders later described the song as “a heartwarming letter to our younger selves and to all who felt complete despair and depression growing up hiding who they are.”

let’s gomost closely resembles the ultimate club experience on the album, with a deluge of beats leading to a sultry experience in the dark. continuing on bothwhat is real” with Vok and “If you buckle it they will come.” It exemplifies the endless energy that draws you to his music in the first place, while the fervent shifts and undulating, moody synths keep you grounded in the world he builds.

Finally, experimental downtempo elements taken from the first part are found in “Impulse” with OLAN. It’s a lovely affair, quietly simmering with nothing but the cinematic and brewing characteristics that weave into a moving orchestral close that feels like both a climax and a reminder of the beautiful experience of every second of Duality two parts.

Andre Bayer – Duality (part two) – List of tracks:

  1. Midnight (with Alison May)
  2. DNA (with Red Dragons)
  3. More Chances (with Olan)
  4. On tape
  5. I Would (with Alison May & Grandfather Machine)
  6. Breaking the Rules (with Kaleena Zanders)
  7. let’s go
  8. What is real (Vök)
  9. If you buckle it they will come
  10. Pulse (with Olan)

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