A postcard book will be available at Norry 250th Birthday Bash | New

NORTHUMBERLAND – A booklet of commemorative postcards will be available for sale at Norry’s 250th birthday party.

Margaret Weirick from Northumberland has collected 100 postcards from the borough’s history and created a 50-page booklet that will take readers on a tour of Northumberland. Four hundred copies of “Northumberland 1772-2022: 250 Years of Life Along the Susquehanna River” will be available for $15 at the memorabilia stand during the June 4-5 event celebrating Northumberland and Point’s 250th anniversary. Township.

“I focused it like a streetcar ride,” Weirick said. “You arrive in Northumberland in a trolley, tour some of the city’s sites, street by street through King, Queen, Duke, Water and Front streets.”

The postcards feature buildings and businesses, many of which have changed over the years. There are different residents and families, old homes, fire trucks, funeral home cars and hearses, schools that have been demolished, monuments and other places of interest, Weirick said.

The postcards were collected from a variety of sources, including Scott Heintzelman, who compiled calendars for the Northumberland National Bank, the estate of the late Joe Epler and local residents Mike McWilliams, Nate Boyer, Dave Brown, Nancy Owens Craig, Jeff Johnstonbaugh and Hope Webster Kof. Weirick said she and Ann Roll of the Northumberland County Historical Society worked together to identify dates and other information on the postcards to have them captioned in the book, she said. .

One of the postcards features the Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library. The caption reads: “In 1926 Priestley House was donated to the City of Northumberland by Frances Priestley Forsyth, a daughter of Dr Priestley, and her sister-in-law, Mary Forsyth Herr, for use as a town library. ”

Another postcard depicts Old City Hall at Second and Queen Streets. The caption describes it as “the home of Northumberland Fire Company No. 1. Photo taken circa 1895”.

Noelle Long, president of 17857.org and event coordinator, said she was thrilled to put these books into the hands of the public.

“These books are such a great collection of Northumberland’s past,” Long said. “It’s just amazing to flip through the pages, to compare what was to what is now. You’ll want this as part of your memorabilia collection.

The book is printed by Independent Graphics Inc., of West Wyoming in Luzerne County.