5 reasons we need Rihanna’s new music in 2022

With the new year approaching, there is always a need for something new. And with 2021 having been a year for reboots and returns, one person we haven’t heard from in the music world is Rihanna. Rihanna has always been a beloved artist. Here are five reasons why we need new music in 2022.

Why do we need music in 2022?

The relationship album.

Okay. We don’t need her to be Taylor Swift. And that’s not a hit on Taylor Swift. But it seemed like year after year, single after single, album after album, Rihanna focused on being the confident and strong person we know. Since we saw her start encounter At $ AP Rocky, she looks happy. When are we going to get the authentic and relational album?

The hit album.

Have we forgotten that Rihanna is a billionaire? It is now worth $ 1.7 billion. Maybe music is the last thing she thinks about. But with her coming to this point in her life, she’s probably in a different frame of mind that carries a lot more wisdom. It would be great to see her have that in her music.

Savage X Fenty Rihanna

Rihanna has always been confident. We know that. But with its Savage X Fenty campaign, we’ve seen waves making the same confidence in a lot more people. This stronger Rihanna would be great to see in the new music.

New Rihanna Music

With the world we’re in now, especially with everything the world is going through right now, it’s cliché but real to say that the world can benefit from hearing a new album from her. Didn’t the world benefit from a nice distraction on Adele’s return?

Everyone is coming back!

Adèle did it! Heck, there are rumors of Beyonce returning when she threw a TikTok Account. Why not her?

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