5 ABS-CBN box office films films adapted in India – Manila bulletin

The biggest hits of the main Filipino film company will soon be adapted for one of the biggest film markets in the world.

ABS-CBN Film Productions announced today that it has entered into a deal with Global One Studios of India to remake five of its box office films, all of which were awarded by the phenomenal loveteam of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

The deal is historic in Filipino cinema as it will be the first time for India, considered to be one of the largest film centers in the world, to locate five Filipino films with main artists and present them in Bollywood with new and talented Indian love teams.

“This is a great opportunity for ABS-CBN Films to share our beloved and heartfelt stories and to become an inspiration to audiences worldwide,” said Olivia Lamasan, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Films. “The Philippines and India share many common values, one of which is the strong love for family, which resonates in our films and will soon be experienced by the Indian people.”

“We are happy to be associated with ABS-CBN Films to bring their well-crafted love stories to the Indian people by adapting their heartbreaking films into Indian languages. Family ties and cultural values ​​are common to the Philippines and India, which are perfectly captured in their films. This will be the first time that five Filipino films will be remade in India and we are delighted to partner with ABS-CBN to present their relationship stories with the same intensity and emotions through our films, ”said Ramesh Krishnamoorthy, President by Global One. Workshops.

The five films planned for the Indian remake are “Barcelona: A Love Untold”, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “Crazy Beautiful You”, “She’s Dating The Gangster” and “The Hows Of Us”, which was the Philippines’ highest grossing film in 2018.

Daniel and Kathryn were named Phenomenal Box Office Stars in 2019 for “The Hows of Us”, Box Office King and Queen in 2017 for the film “Barcelona: A Love Untold”, Prince and Princess of Filipino films in 2018 for “Can ‘ t Help Falling In Love “and in 2016 for” Crazy Beautiful You “.

The Indian Adaptation Agreement comes at a time when Kathryn and Daniel, popularly known as KathNiel, are celebrating their 10e birthday as a loveteam. They started teaming up on television in 2011 and eventually went on to become movie stars with a stellar array of plans together.

“She’s Dating The Gangster,” their 2014 coming-of-age romantic comedy film, tells the story of two college students who claim to be dating to make an ex-girlfriend jealous.

“Crazy Beautiful You” was released a year later, centered on the story of a rebellious teenage girl sent to a medical mission camp and who falls in love with a politician’s son.

“Barcelona: A Love Untold” tells the story of two Filipinos who try to overcome their respective pasts and find romance in Spain. It was released in 2016 and named Best Picture in the 65e Philippine Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Award.

The 2017 romantic comedy drama “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is the gripping story of an engaged young woman who discovers that she is already married to a complete stranger.

“The Hows Of Us” tells the story of a young couple who dreams of growing old together but faces obstacles along the way. He received the Gold Jury Prize of the 50e Guillermo Box Office Entertainment Awards.

Designed by brilliant Filipino filmmakers and screenwriters, these ABS-CBN films are expected to bring universal stories of love, hope, perseverance and inspiration to Indian audiences through their local adaptations.



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