25 bands whose vocalist is the only remaining original member

What is your favorite band whose singer is the only remaining original member? This is not an unusual occurrence in rock and metal. Several bands have maintained their careers after everyone but the lead singer has left.

But is it really still a band at this stage, or a solo project? In many cases, the vocalist is the main creative force in the band. It therefore goes without saying that the exchange of accompanying members would not affect the music. Sure, it’s not always the case.

And some rock and metal bands have Nope remaining original members. Naturally, not all groups can continue their original range intact.

But line-up changes can sometimes significantly affect a band. On the other hand, many bands start from a musician’s vision and maintain that orientation throughout.

Below, check out a selection of rock and metal bands that count their lead singer as the only remaining original member. Sometimes it only takes one person to move a group forward over the years.

25 Rock + Metal Bands Whose Vocalist Is The Only Original Member Left

And then there was one – the remaining original member who is the lead vocalist, that is. The following groups no longer have any original members except for the vocalist. What group would you add?

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