10 movies that are arguably Christmas movies

There are a number of great movie options for fans looking to binge on Christmas movies this holiday season. There are more made-for-TV movies than most people can count, as well as classics that find airtime each year. But there are also a number of options that fans just can’t agree on as to whether or not these are Christmas movies.

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So what makes a Christmas movie? Should it be set during the holidays or have recognizable Christmas elements like Santa Claus or Christmas trees? Or is there a looser set of guidelines that determine whether or not a movie is a Christmas movie?

ten Gremlins includes elements of horror, but is definitely a Christmas movie

The 1984 hit film by Joe Dante Gremlins introduced fans to the cute creature named Gizmo – a mythical mogwai which was given as a Christmas present to its new owner Billy by his inventor father. There were rules associated with the gift – such as “don’t wet it or it will multiply”, as well as “don’t feed it / them after midnight” – or else they will turn into the mischievous gremlins holder.

Gremlins takes place over Christmas, but features a number of horror elements that earned one of the very first PG-13 ratings ever awarded – which has left some fans wondering. Gremlins place among other Christmas movies. Of course, horror and Christmas aren’t always separate – because movies like Black christmas showed – so this remains an adorable holiday flick.

9 Lethal Weapon Offers A Number Of Christmas Carols For The Holidays

Riggs and Murtaugh's Deadly Weapon

One name that will pop up a few times when discussing questionable Christmas films is writer / director Shane Black, whose affinity for the holidays has led to a number of films set over Christmas that include Deadly weapon (directed by Richard Donner).

The iconic Cop Buddies movie takes place during the Christmas season and even opens to the sounds of “Jingle Bell Rock” along with other memorable Christmas carols. While the storyline doesn’t focus specifically on Christmas themes, the setting and soundtrack more than wins. Deadly weapon its place alongside other Christmas movies.

8 The Nightmare Before Christmas Stars Halloween Christmas Characters

disney is the nightmare before christmas jack skellington on hill

Tim burton’s The nightmare before Christmas is a beautiful stop-motion animated film that has a loyal fan base who come back to watch it every holiday season. Despite the title and the setting, The nightmare before Christmas saw a debate on whether or not this is a Christmas movie.

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Much of this is due to the dark and spooky Halloween-themed characters trying to take over Christmas by kidnapping Santa. The nightmare before Christmas hits all the right notes like a typical Christmas movie otherwise. It’s fun and musical in a way that appeals to fans of dark animation as well as holiday movies.

7 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang takes place during Christmas in LA

Val Kilmer and Robert Downey jr in kiss-kiss-bang-bang

the years 2005 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starred Robert Downey Jr. as a reformed criminal turned amateur actor in hopes of seeking the role of a private investigator of Val Kilmer’s larger-than-life private investigator, and the two soon found themselves embroiled in an affair. twists and turns.

Shane Black wrote and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which approached classic tough detective themes in a new way. Although the film is set during Christmas celebrations in Los Angeles, the holidays don’t affect the storyline so much. The film also lacks the typical themes of family or personal redemption, which is causing debate among fans as to whether this is a Christmas movie.

6 Edward Scissorhands is technically a story about the snow that falls on Christmas

Tim Burton is another writer / director who comes up frequently in Christmas movie debates, a discussion that often includes his dark fantasy of 1990. Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp. The film is framed by a story told by a grandmother to her young grandchild, who wonders why it always snows at Christmas.

What unfolds is an incredible romance that features Depp’s artificial human with hand scissors, who finds inspiration for his beautiful ice sculptures after falling in love with Winona Ryder’s Kim Boggs, who is later revealed. like the narrator. Edward Scissorhands Part of it takes place over Christmas as well, making it a holiday movie about love and family that many fans revisit each season.

5 Eyes Wide Shut doesn’t look like a typical Christmas movie at all

Stanley kubrick Eyes wide closed, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, can be categorized in different ways. However, most wouldn’t immediately see it as a typical Christmas movie because Eyes wide closed deals with a sex cult of masked elitists.

That said, the film’s vacation setting directly shines a light on consumerist themes that have negatively impacted society as a whole. The main character’s journey through the unforgettable feast of the dangerous Masked Cult is also part of his journey back to his family, which ticks more than a Christmas movie box in a way only a director like Stanley Kubrick can.

4 The exchange of places takes place during the holidays with Christmas elements

10 movies people wonder if they're Christmas movies

There are quite a few elements that make a Christmas movie, from a holiday setting to themed characters like Santa Claus, and a story about family or redemption of some sort. the years 1983 Stock markets features Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as reluctant participants in the Wealthy Brokers Bet to test the theory of nature rather than education.

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They do this by manipulating events to reverse their societal roles, falsely accusing and firing a wealthy banker while a falsely accused criminal was hired at the company. Stock markets takes place during the holidays, features a disgruntled former employee dressed as Santa Claus, and offers two redemptive story arcs to the main characters as they fight for their lives and revenge.

3 Batman Returns take place over Christmas and feature a lighted tree

Michael Keaton in Batman Returns

the years 1992 Batman Returns director Tim Burton explored Christmas time in Gotham City Penguin by Danny Devito and Catwoman by Michelle Pfeiffer caused trouble for Dark Knight by Michael Keaton.

Christmas gets a Gothic overhaul in Gotham City over the holidays, with a disastrous tree-lighting ceremony and giant throwing gifts from villains who use the season to build the storytelling. However, Batman Returns is dark and violent, leading some fans to question its overall place among other family-friendly vacation films.

2 Iron Man 3 is another Shane Black movie set over Christmas

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3

The third entry in the blockbuster superhero series that helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2013 Iron man 3 writer / director Shane Black took place over Christmas like many of his other projects.

Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with Black and reprise his fan favorite role of Tony Stark / Iron Man as he investigated the terrorist attacks on The Mandarin. Iron man 3The holiday setting is complete with gifts, snow-capped vistas, and a redemption bow for Tony as he struggles with his past failures and emerges as a new man.

1 Die Hard has been at the center of Christmas debates for years

The movie that sparked the most Christmas movie debate was John McTiernan’s iconic action hit in 1988. Die hard starring Bruce Willis, who played the role of a lone cop trying to stop a team of high tech terrorists / thieves as they interrupted a Christmas party to take a skyscraper hostage.

Die hard takes place over the holidays and features a soundtrack filled with classic holiday hits that place it firmly in the Christmas movie category. However, the film lacks some of the usual themes and elements shared by other films in the genre, which has sparked debate among fans for years.

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