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Space always fascinates us. Although humanity has managed to get there more than once and even sent it from dogs to billionaires, the vastness of the cosmos continues to intrigue us and stimulate our imaginations on many levels.

It is no coincidence that, from the space race throughout the Cold War, there is no shortage of films about what exists among the stars. An escape valve to these questions to which we do not always know how to answer, the cinema has become for us the ideal scene to create fantasies about what is beyond our reach.

That’s why we don’t space out the missing stories. Some of them are more scientific and focused, imagining situations that can actually happen (or, in fact, did) to anyone who ever crosses the borders of our planet. Others will give free rein to their imagination and create fables with other races or even horror tales to remind us why it is better to be quiet on our planet. And all the options are delicious too.

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Therefore, the


has listed some of the best movies you must see on space. From completely improbable adventures to trips that are more like a prediction of the future, there is no shortage of options and classics to motivate us to gaze at the sky.

. 1977 – A Space Odyssey

There’s no way to think of talking about movies in space without mentioning one of the greatest classics in movie history, going way beyond sci-fi. This Stanley Kubrick masterpiece is responsible for much of what we have in our imaginations today about what space looks like.

Just to give you an idea, he’s from 1968 and has already touched on the implications of artificial intelligence – this while drawing a nice parallel with human evolution itself. It is not by chance that its soundtrack, its scenes and its characters have become icons of cinema. All this keeps it very current.

I mean, current in its theme, because its language can cause a lot of estrangement in those who are used to the faster and more frenetic pace of modern productions. But, even though it is slower and even complex, there is no way to imagine space without going through 1979

. It is a mandatory presence in any list of its kind.

9. Star Wars The Force Awakens

Since we’re talking about space classics, we can’t fail to mention the greatest of all franchises. Star wars

is so iconic when it comes to space fantasy that any production of the genre ends up referring to the universe created by George Lucas. So much so that much of what he created there in 1977 still serves as the basis for what it is in production today.

And because it’s such an important thing, it doesn’t even make sense to recommend the original trilogy movies. If you like anything that has little to do with space, you have certainly seen these films. Therefore, our recommendation here is in

The force awakens

, the seventh chapter of the saga and which introduced several new elements and modernized the story of the Skywalkers.

We know the movie has its issues and the final trilogy delivered a lot less than it promised, but let’s face it.

the force awakens

does very well to capture the spirit of the first

Star wars

, introduce new characters, bring back old ones and always get everyone excited with every new scene. Forget the rest and enjoy the moment: you won’t regret it.

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8. Interstellar

But if your interest is more than headstrong science fiction full of physical concepts and twists that can be properly explained in class, Interstellar is your movie. Released in 2014 by director Christopher Nolan, it is not unanimous among critics due to certain script decisions, but there is no denying how scientifically accurate it is in many ways and how that makes it a movie. very interesting.

The story takes place a few years in the future, when the Earth is already suffering from the effects of global warming. To try to get around the situation, a former NASA pilot goes to space in search of a solution – and that involves going into wormholes and visiting distant planets.

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  • What is most striking is how the film respects the different theories of astrophysics, which makes it a very dense film and full of explanations. If, on the one hand, it disturbs the rhythm of the story, on the other hand it shows that the universe is truly fantastic and that it only takes a little attention to the laws that govern the cosmos to make us experience life-changing adventures. The scene where Matthew McConaughey’s character returns to the ship and finds out that the 15 minutes he spent on a planet corresponding to years on Earth is impressive to this day – and a concept very little explored in Hollywood.

    7. Star Trek

    For a long time,

    Star Trek

    was synonymous with science fiction, whether in movies or in television series. And the premise was right in opposition to

    Star Wars: As the Skywalkers followed a rather whimsical adventure, Captain Kirk had a pretty good hold on it. more measured and even utopian of space exploration.

    And the 2009 film updates several concepts, changes some of that dynamic, and addresses the adventurous language of

    Star wars

    – which made the most purist fans look up – but manages to deliver a truly gripping story. Directed by JJ Abrams, the classic’s narrative works very well and is a gateway to the franchise as a whole, as it doesn’t deny what came before.

    6. The first man

    There are several films that will be about the man’s journey to the moon, but here we highlight the most recent of them. The first man

    focuses precisely on Neil Armstrong’s preparations to accomplish this feat – and that means more than a decade of preparation, training and tension.

    What is interesting here is that it goes beyond what we are used to seeing in history books or in the patriotic discourse of Americans. All of this is still present, it’s true, but the film also explores the human and personal side of the astronaut, his relationship with his family and the motivations that push him to devote himself so much to a mission that he does not even know. not. if it will work.

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    5. Guardians of the Galaxy

    Still in the realm of space fantasy, there’s no way to stop talking about

    guardians of the galaxy

    . Marvel brought in a group of totally dysfunctional heroes who until then were completely unknown even to those who read comics. And the result is wonderfully fun, thanks in large part to the chaotic leadership of James Gunn, who managed to make this bizarre team quite captivating.

    And even if you are not a fan of superheroes, know that this guardians of the galaxy

    works great in isolation, as it doesn’t dialogue with Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers at all. The only hookup tips work even if you haven’t seen any of the other movies, so have no fear and get ready to fall in love with a tree man and a trebuchet raccoon.

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    4. Passengers

    Don’t be fooled by Jeff Bezos: going into space isn’t that easy, and traveling among the stars is much longer than fantasy has taught us. And it is from this premise that Passengers explores a very curious idea: a group of astronauts are sent into a sort of artificial coma in space, but two of them end up waking up 58 years earlier than expected and now have to live together in isolation of the ship. .

    What’s worth noting here is that while the proposal almost sounds like a novel, it does bring some very interesting twists – starting with near death due to a ship problem – that make the film much more than that. It is worth seeing.

    3. Severity


    is a movie that deserved to be seen in theaters, but it remains a great choice for streaming. That’s because it explores the vastness (and emptiness) of space very well, and the big screen manages to capture it all very well.

    The story revolves around an astronaut who drifts in space after an accident with your ship. And precisely because she intends to be scientifically realistic, everything becomes even more distressing, because we do not see how she will get out of it and everything begins to become more and more desperate.

    E he does all this while being technically flawless. Not by chance, he had Oscar directions and took seven, including best visual effects, sound editing, photography, and director.

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    of them. Alien – The Eighth Passenger

    No way to talk about horror in space without going through the franchise


    . And even though it got lost in the midst of so much footage, the original film remains an unmistakable masterpiece. That’s because director Ridley Scott has managed to translate everything that fascinates and scares us when it comes to space: even though it’s huge, living among the stars is claustrophobic and you don’t have any idea of ​​what you will find there.

    In the plot, the crew of the Nostromo spacecraft are trapped with an alien creature that begins to hunt a man – and the challenge is to survive and prevent the creature from reaching Earth. The principle is quite simple, but it manages to create a setting so attractive that you will wonder if going to space is really a good idea.


    Alien – The Eighth Passenger

    is so classic that virtually everything that has been done regarding horror in space ends up drinking what the 1977 film featured. From other movies to video games, everyone revere the Xenomorph and his legacy.

    1. Apollo 15: from disaster to triumph

    If there’s one phrase that immediately makes a movie more tense, it’s “Based on real events.” And that’s just one of the reasons

    Apollo 13

    such a good movie. It tells the story of the third mission sent to the Moon which ended in disastrous fashion when technical issues forced NASA to bring the astronauts back to Earth. But how do you do this safely?

    All the tension in the movie revolves around this issue, including actual snippets of conversations between the control center and the orbiting crew – which is great. to make it all the more painful. And while the history books (and the title itself in Portuguese) are a huge spoiler for what happened, there’s no way not to be worried and nervously bite your nails. .

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