10 bands that rip off Led Zeppelin but get away with it


In the world of rock and metal, there is no shortage of Led Zeppelin imitators. For most musicians, channeling the rock gods is a right of passage, but you run a risk when using this sound. Concrete example ? Kingdom Come, whose cheeky mirroring of Zeppelin sounds led them to be dubbed “Kingdom Clone,” a label they were never able to shake.

There is an obvious hypocrisy here, as Led Zeppelin was among the game’s most outrageous imitators, cheekily appropriating multiple blues standards for their own purposes. Even the powerful stairway to Heaven Landed them in court, Jimmy Page accused of stealing Spirit’s acoustic intro Taurus.

Nonetheless, it’s the bands making music right now that have hijacked the legendary Led Zeppelin sound while making it their own.

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1. Greta Van Fleet

Although she politely asked the music world to stop talking about their similarities, Greta Van Fleet is arguably one of the best Led Zeppelin emulators. Frequently sporting vintage bohemian sets, this Michigan-based 70s revivalist group is an expert when it comes to emulating Jimmy Page’s towering riffs and vocal manners of the ‘Mama’ and ‘Oh baby’ variety. .

Robert Plant is known to point fingers at these young guys, describing them once in an interview as “Led Zeppelin 1”. In that same conversation, he astutely noted that Greta Van Fleet’s “beautiful little singer” Josh Kizka had clearly borrowed his vocal talent from someone “he knew”. Imitators, they can be, but those of 2021 the Battle at the garden gate proves that they have learned to re-channel their influences into something more original.

2. Without soil

Earthless may fail when it comes to duplicating vocals that sound like Robert Plant’s – as they’re mostly instrumental – but their riffs are straight out of the Led Zeppelin manual, though many of their songs explore more territory. psychedelic. Smoky, seductive, and surrounded by vintage, dusty warmth, they’re no strangers to hot’n’heavy grooves, like on the 2018’s title track. Black upliftn, which is a doppelganger for Zeppelin’s Good times bad times.

3. Rival sons

California blues rockers Rival Sons have been saluting the rock gods since their debut in 2009. Over the years, the band has had no qualms about admitting that they grabbed some Led Zeppelin stuff, but that’s probably because that their sound is still remarkably theirs.

Where their ties intersect, however, is through the high-pitched whine of Jay Buchanan – who is much hoarser than Plant’s – and through self-proclaimed John Bonham drummer / fan Mike Miley, who knows how to emulate thunder blues. by Bonzo. To top it off, the band even received a seal of approval from Jimmy Page, known for attending their concerts.

4. Jack White

With his affinity for grandiose, swaggering riffs or vocals that sometimes sound remarkably like Robert Plant’s, we’d probably believe you if you told us that Jack White was actually a blood relative of a Led Zeppelin member. But his connection to British rockers comes from the fact that he idolizes them and that he has always been a cock rock imitator.

White’s solo album in 2015 Blunderbuss pulls from Zep’s lighter side, while the 2005 White Stripes Put me behind me satan and 2001 White blood cells include many moments that see his cult Zeppelin come into play. In 2015, White even played The song of the lemon with Plant at the Lollapalooza Argentina festival. And in 2009, he appeared alongside U2’s Page and The Edge in the musical documentary It could get noisy, who explored the careers and musical influences of the three legendary guitarists.

5. Dirty honey

Emerging from the Los Angeles club scene in 2019, dripping with sweat, style and Californian sleaze, classic rock champions Dirty Honey intend to reconfigure the sounds of the ’70s for modern ears.

Their eponymous EP focuses on the grandiose liveliness of Zeppelin, with a flirtatious high-pitched voice, a handle of John Paul Jones-style organs and a bravado that carries the same sexual allure as Aerosmith, especially on the antics. 7s rolling. The self-titled debut album from 2021 sees more of this playful imitation, but with more of an unruly Guns N ‘Roses energy.

6. The vintage caravan

Across their five albums, Icelandic Vintage Caravan have oscillated between the simple, bluesy structures of classic rock to the darker, more progressive sounds of desert and stoner rock. With choppy and bloated riffs, their Zeppelin sound is the most important of 2012 Trip and on their self-titled debut album, although it was much faster and rougher with robust, frantic riffs and unpolished vocals. Songs like Free space, with its clean acoustic guitar and relaxed rhythm, evokes softer Zeppelin moments like Hey hey what can i do and Go to California,

7. The black keys

Celebrated by Robert Plant himself, Ohio rock duo Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, otherwise known as The Black Keys, brought the classic Led Zeppelin sound back to its basics and made blues rock radio. friendly of its parties.

They certainly take a more brutal and ready-made approach to Zeppelin’s scenic fanfare, especially via Auerbach’s bluesy drawling and Carney’s tumbling drums, but when it comes to writing epic songs Heartbreaker-style riffs (as on Just a little warmth), they are among the best.

Their most notable connection, however, is their song Small black submarines from 2011 El Camino, which has been compared to stairway to Heaven by countless reviews. In the same vein as the flagship anthem, it begins with a timid acoustic folk-rock melody before exploding into a shattering outro. To encapsulate the sound of the Black Keys, just listen to that of Led Zeppelin Moby Dick.

8. Royal blood

When Royal Blood rose to world fame in 2013/14, they caught the attention of Jimmy Page, who praised them for their “music of extraordinary quality” after seeing them perform. While their sound arsenal is limited compared to Led Zep, consisting of a bass guitar (channeled through a signal splitter into various textured amps and effects) and drums, their sound is just as immense.

Driven by memorable, beefy riffs, Royal Blood is essentially a clever simplification of Led Zeppelin’s riffs like Achilles Last Stand, Nobody’s Fault, Royal Orleans and Trampled underfoot, powered by strong distortion and hooks suitable for radio.

9. Mother Wolf

On the ancestral tree of rock’n’roll, Wolfmother is one of Led Zeppelin’s most cut-out descendants. Australian hard rockers are led by Andrew Stockdale, who nails Plant’s vocals, and the band frequently arm themselves with catchy riffs and fast melodies that have the same rock ferocity as their ancestors.

The best endorsement any good Zeppelin follower can receive is a applause from the band itself, and in 2006, when Page and co. were inducted into the UK’s Music Hall Of Fame, they personally invited Wolfmother as a guest. At the ceremony, the group at the head of Stockdale performed the Zeppelin anthem in 1969 Communication failure.

General similarities aside, Wolfmother’s 2021 single Midnight train captures the classic Zeppelin sound, and there’s even what feels like a ‘Mama’ intro added for good measure.

10. Black label company

Zakk Wylde’s darling, Black Label Society, is a fusion of Sabbath-style vocals deepened by the grunge twang of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, accompanied by meaty riffs and thunderous drums.

Wylde is a huge Zeppelin fan, choosing the title The song is not the same for their two compilation albums, in homage to Zep’s 1975 masterpiece The song remains the same. BLS Bored to tears made for a more plump When the levee breaks, while Stillborn offers The song of immigrants screams and a galloping rhythm. Zeppelin Nods mostly appear in their slower tracks, such as The only words, that plays with a floating ’70s feel and a fervent, heart-wrenching voice.