Vacation Memories

One place that I’ve been wanting to go just for a vacation is New York City. I’ve never had the cash to just kick back there, so it’s never been a vacation destination that’s within my reach but maybe if I check out the New York City tours from the Trusted Tours & Attractions online travel guides I could find something more within my price range? They offer pretty great prices on tickets for tours throughout the country in major tourist destinations. Actually, if you’re interested in winning a free $150 gift card from iTunes, just sign up for their eNewsletter by July 31st of this year – easy peasy.

Actually, come to think of it, even when we do have vacation money we never go to the East coast. It’s more like going home for us, if I go on vacation in the U.S. it’s almost always in Southern California. We used to regularly visit my step sister and stay with her — in Oceanside, in L.A., in Burbank and San Diego. I think Oceanside was my favorite but one of the few that I remember clearly was the year we tried in vain to come up withthings to do in San Francisco, lol. San Fran is very much a community type place, and we had the worst time trying to come up with wreckless fun to have in what’s largely suburban territory. Oceanside has been the best so far, come to think of it.

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