Spectacular Vision for Less

I’ve ranted and raved in blog posts many a time about how hard it is living in a situation that puts me at near poverty levels even with the crazy hours I work. I work online mostly and every penny I make is used up before all of my basics are out of the way, so the fact that I’ve had to make due without glasses ever since I grew out of my 6th grade pair shouldn’t come as a shock.

But with or without the means, at some point I’m going to have to suck it up and do without something else in order to buy the glasses I need, because currently I’m getting chronic vision induced migraines all the time, and I can’t seem to shake them which really affects my work and my sleep habits. I can’t keep going on like this without the ability to fix it or the pain will drive me insane.

I’ve been seriously thinking of getting some eyeglasses at ZenniOptical. They’ve got new frames in, very nice stuff with great shape to them, especially these totally radical (yes, I am bringing that phrase back after successfully reviving ‘dude’ in the late 90s, lol) frames below which are my current favorites! Isn’t that gorgeous 80s Grape Ape color absolutely divine?

They not only have a huge selection, but they’ve got frames sarting as low as $8 per pair, which sounds as good as the word ‘free’ to me because the price is so low it may as well be, and if they’re as good as they look I’ll be recommending them to everyone including my sister who’s in desperate need of vision correction.

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