Some Reservations?

Rawr. Every time I watch No Reservations ( or anything Anthony Bourdain guest stars on ) I wonder how I’ve managed to not trap him in my man trap yet, lol. He’s some sexy man, that one, even if he is old to the third power and kind of a mean little snot. I’m in love with No Reservations. It’s 100% better than Andrew Zimmerman’s weird food show, partially because Andrew’s such a Jeremy Piven (sp?)-style douche bag that he actually and quite literally makes Ryan Seacrest, who I’ll affectionately refer to as Queer Eye from now on, look like the real Dick Clark by striking comparison, lol..

I’ve become such an advid fan of the Travel Channel, though, I find that I watch it more than History Channel these days only because they’ve started out matching History in the exotic places they go and the fun, weird things they get to do on those shows. Plus Bourdain makes ass fun of the likes of Bobby Flay (dick) and Rachel Ray (psycho), and that sits well with me, lol.

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