Simple tips to Register Your Yacht in Croatia

Pursuant into  the Croatian legislation all vessels over 2.5 m long or vessels whose overall motor energy is higher  than 5 kW will  be registered in  the motorboat register. The vessels tend to be entered in  the Register because of  the Harbour Master’s Office or its part office.

To start with, you need to  know the category of your vessel. There are two main kinds  of vessels under  the Croatian flag:

Boat – The boat belongs to your vessel bigger  than 2.5 m and 12 m in length, or ships by way of  a capacity that is total of machinery greater than 5 kW.

The vessel can be signed up in each interface authorities and even more  importantly any branch company, and obtain the label of slot workplaces and  a  quantity, if it’ll be employed  for exclusive reasons. The vessels for commercial purposes are numbered first, then have level of Port Offices.

Technical inspection for boats as much as 5 m is obligatory just for very first enrollment, and also for  the vessels larger than 5m every 5  years and it is often done  by Port Captain. Only  the vessels for commercial functions are managed by various time intervals of technical analysis (every two years).

Yacht – Vessel for satisfaction, whether utilized  for individual purposes and  for economic activity, and whoever size is bigger  than 12 meters and  is designed for longer voyages. Registration of a boat can be carried out only at Port Authority and then they mark yacht location and name of office.

Technical review of the yacht is completed because of the Croatian Register of Shipping. For boat for commercial functions is when  and for sports and entertainment is every five years year.

For yacht is also crucial to notice that the process for registration of yachts from 12-24 m is significantly less complicated compared to  those above 24m.


The vessel subscription under  the flag of Croatian divided in to three primary parts.

1st and most importing is spending the traditions responsibility and VAT for vessels under short-term import treatment. When  the traditions duty is compensated, a customs clearance declaration is granted into  the authorized delivery representative on the behalf of the master. The customs statement is proof that the traditions and VAT happen paid for the vessel.

The step that is next the process  of vessel subscription refers to  the vessel owner. The owner must have the certificate of deregistration through  the Register of Shipping of preliminary registration. This is actually  the just part of the subscription procedure  that the master must yourself perform. The rest of the paperwork is obtained by  the authorized delivery representative. If the owner determines for the part  of navigation 2 (worldwide navigation in  the Adriatic Sea by having  a limitation of navigation up to 12 nautical miles from mainland or island) or beyond, the vessel will need to have a permit for a radio place up to speed, which will be become filed with all  the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM) by  the delivery agent.

After submitting all the essential papers, the port authority issues a navigation license. The process  of registering a yacht is very comparable, except that the shipping representative must lodge and ask for vessel title assignment and  a request basic boat examination.  After the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure issues the yacht name certification and HAKOM issues the license for the radio place, the port authority issues a boat registration certificate. Nonetheless, this certification alone isn’t sufficient for a boat to sail, but should  be complemented with  the certification attesting the yacht’s seaworthiness, released because of  the Croatian Register of Shipping following  the preliminary technical assessment.

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