Sally’s Song Revisited

Well, I’ve actually been turned on to a cover song that I actually like – and yes, this is from the same woman who swore she’d kill Joss Stone for covering “Fell In Love With A Girl” and plans to make good on that threat some day. But this song is different, this song is moody and gothy and very, very late 90s me. It sounds, for you Buffy fans, like something you might hear at The Bronze in season 2 – and what’s this song? It’s “Sally’s Song” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, expertly and heartbreakingly covered by the amazing Fiona Apple.

It inspires me, and I rarely get inspired by music these days, especially since most music consists of Disney Channel rejects claiming to have intact cherries and messy hair, when in reality neither of those things are real and/or intact. I miss the days before Avril was considered ‘punk’ and before Britney was a sparkle in Michael Eisner’s eye. Someone give me back my The Verve, please. The Cranberries, anyone? Nickel? Third Eye Blind? Cibo Matto? Anyone? You suck.

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