Parenting Tips

I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I got into a mini argument today about weither or not you should give your life up for your children. Now, while I’m all for being their for your kids and loving them, trying to raise them right, is it just me or will you resent your kids if you give up your life for them?

Let’s pretend you have the means to stay home, have no life or friends, and not work at all for a minute. This constitutes spoiling your kids and I can’t get behind that. Plus if you do end up resenting your kids, who have you helped? Not the kids, that’s for damn sure, and not your relationship with them, either. You could also easily throw away your home, marraige, self esteem and sanity doing this, it just doesn’t make any sense. Things like this have to be balanced, that’s all there is to it.

The person who told me about this said that it was idealism, and while I think to a point that’s true, I also think that maybe not having kids herself may be on the road to making her idealism unrealistic to an extreme. But I suppose we’re all guilty of that, and I do get where she’s going with the point – you should love and never neglect your children, but you do have to provide for them and for yourself, because you’re a person, too. If you’re not a happy mom, you won’t have happy kids.

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