My Beauty Addiction

You know how some women collect hand bags, and some collect lipsticks? I collect skin care products. It’s a weakness, I know, and it’s an addiction, too. I love the scent of, say, Aveeno or Garnier, and Clinique is my God ( literally, lol ), but I’ve never used Remergent or SkinMedica, and apparently that’s what iDerma’s using to try and tempt me over to their wide range of skin care and anti-aging products. Mooisturizers. They have moisturizers! They know I want moisturizers! They even have sunscreen and mineral make up, plus selected brands that are recommended by dermatologists. How cool!

Lifelock In The News

Experian’s making news again by starting some crap with Lifelock, two class action lawsuits if I’m not mistaken, and the point of that is just because Experian’s losing money because Lifelock does just what it says it does. See, Lifelock places fraud alerts for the members who pay them $10 per month to protect the client’s identities, plus they opt you out of pre-approved junk mail. Well, this is ticking credit bureaus off, because when you get pre-approved junkmail it’s because the credit bureau actually sold your information! Forget about email junkmail, that’s a lot more serious, and you’re supposed to be able to trust the bureaus! Well, lifelock opts you out and the credit bureaus don’t like that because they lose money, plus they also end up spending money to set fraud alerts that are placed by Lifelock in your name. So how do they handle it? Law suits. Come on, man, these are the big boys – the credit bureaus! Shouldn’t they be behaving like adults? We trust ourselves to them, after all.

Fraud All Around Us

I’ve talked before, at length, about identity theft and fraud, and my little encounter with someone getting away with writing checks against my and Laota’s bank account, but I want to elaborate on something that’s happened to me recently. The person who’d been writing checks against our account printed the checks at a copy place like Kinkos, the signature was printed in type face and it wasn’t even signed with either of our names, but the guy got it cashed – 3 times – no questions asked. That’s how well your bank protects you, or any bank. However, a few days ago when I went to them to get my Google Adsense check cashed, they claimed to have never heard of Google before and implied that I’d forged the check. They wouldn’t cash it, in fact they told me I’m better off trying to endorse it to someone or just taking the loss. To this day I have no idea how anyone got ahold of my bank account information, and no one’s been of any help since the only place my bank account is listed is Paypal, so who found it?

I would have been so much better off if I’d have thought to visit Shop Shield® and sign up for their free service. I could’ve shopped online without worrying about someone getting my information, not even my login or bank account, because their data storage hardware is modeled after that of the Department of Defense security standards, and that’s a great big deal. I know you want to learn more, but I’m far from the right person to explain everything because I know I’ll get something wrong, so if you have a minute you should go check out and do some exploring, after all, free is the best price ever!

Sponsored by Shop Shield®

Protect Yourself – Free?

I’ve never heard of a free service that offers what Shop Shield® offers, and I’ve been in the game for awhile. It’s in live beta test to get a few customers to sign up so they can test it’s usability, and what it basically does is keeps hackers from ever getting access to your information by keeping your credit card, password, email, etc. from ever making into a companies database. In fact, they guarantee that your info will be safe! That guarantee is taken so seriously, that they promise that they weill reimburse you for every single penny up to $10,000 above the coverage you may get from your bank or credit card company if something does happen and your info does get compromised.

In fact, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that if you visit Shop Shield® and learn more about what they offer, you’ll likely sign up without thinking twice. They monitor every transaction on a federal-standard level, in fact the Depertment of Defense is the model they use for their own security standards, and if someone manages to take your money or identity while using their service they won’t charge you to make it right and that’s also guaranteed. They protect everything from credit card numbers and bank accounts, to your email and login information, and they’re doing it all for free. Yeah, I had to re-stress the free part, lol. If you’d like tolearn more, you can do so at their site. I definately recommend it if you’ve ever avoided shopping online out of fear for your money or identity.

Sponsored by Shop Shield®

Trade Up

I’ve never been big into online trading, because I really feel it’s very much like online gambling, only the name Online Trading leaves a sweeter taste in people’s mouths. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’m even too afraid to gamble – because I’m poor, lol. But, I do see the need to move trading onto the internet, and I’m sure you’re like me and you’ve been aware – and possibly afraid of – the big names that have been around since the dawn on online trading, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a trading platform like the one you get when you check out the features over at eToro.

Apparently, over at eToro, you get specialized trading arenas for both the more experienced trader, and the upstart, and they have a lot of great features to boot!

Currently I’m browsing info on their Forex Trading. The Forex Trend arena lets you compare the three major world currencies which are US Dollars, Euro and GBP, and choose the rising or falling trend against other currencies as you see fit. It’s a bit complicated for me, and I’m sure they’ve already completely, utterly lost me, lol. But it looks like a fun way to get into the whole world of online trading, and it’s definately a bright idea. If you’re into the trading scene, or want to be, I really suggest checking it out!

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’m having a whiney moment of mid-life-ness, even though I’m at quarterlife. I’m always having mid-life-ness, though, I think it comes from being isolated in my current life. I’m still the best of friends with almost everyone I was close with in my teens, but they were lucky enough to get out of this town, so even though we run up our phone bills, send letters and presents, and talk every single day it’s hard not to feel seperate from them and my youth.

See, my parents were more than strict. My sister and I lived in a really abusive environment, and we weren’t allowed out of the house most of the time, let alone to run around and do teenage stuff, so I think that for that reason I’ve never been able to mature past the late 90s. That, and I can’t stand the 00s, so far they’ve been a bust, don’t you think?

But due to my parents stealing Laota and my youth, I tend to feel displaced and very much like I’ve missed my entire life. Because of this I live in a perpetual state of 18 years old, where I know what year it is, who’s President ( though I wish I didn’t ), and I’m quite able to function at my job and in my everyday life, but I’m never able to move past the time that I missed. I’m very much like a little child who doesn’t want to go to bed early in fear that, when the fun happens, he’ll miss it.

That’s exactly it. The reason I move from mania to mania, I think, is my need to be there for the fun. It’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in something, like making and carrying bento, horror films, websites, etc., and it’s the reason I can still listen to Champagne Supernova as if it were a brand new song, no matter how many times I’ve heard it – it’s because I’m looking for something to fill a life I feel is gone already. I want to have something, anything, to hold onto now that my youth is slipping away from me, but I’ve felt my youth leaving since my mid teens. I want something of my youth, I want to relive that space in time again and forsake any instruction from or fear of my abusive, horrible parents – I want to live, even if it’s only for a little while

Concert Wah

Ugh, now I wish I lived closer to, well, anywhere that I could catch a concert. I never have the money, and honestly I don’t have the transportation anyway. But there are so many great acts touring in the U.S. right now, and I’ve been hearing about Debbie Harry, Madonna and Bonnie Hayes making the rounds, plus my one true love, which would be Gogol Bordello.

Gogol came through KC, I think it was, last year and Laota and I kicked ourselves for not being able to attend. We couldn’t get tickets, anyway, and then I found out that a friend had to give her tickets away due to a time situation. It’s too bad she didn’t know about Free Ticket Exchange, it’s pretty radical. It’s a free service, you can either sell your tickets that you don’t want, or find some to buy and FTE doesn’t charge you a fee to do so. Absolutely no fees, how cool! The site’s so cool looking, and it loads fast so that alone would make me encourage people to try it out, oh yeah and the no fees thing, lol.

As you can likely tell, I’m all about freebies. I’m a freebie nut, and my favorite freebies ( with the exception of free samples ) are free services, 100% free services. Tell you’re not going to go visit FTE. I know you are. Just go, you know you want to.

TriScents Semi-Finalist Time!

I’ve been browsing the Renuzit TriScents “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” Promotion semi-finalist gallery, and I’m amazed by how many people made it to the semi-finals! Very cool stuff, everyone did a great job and really went above and beyond for their videos, but one video stood out to me, and definately not just because of the absolutely sweet, scary and yet adorable flower costume featured in it, lol.

I loved how much of their home they walked us through during their video, and how they fully explained what they wanted to do and why they need the home makeover badly. I sympathize, my home could use it, too, lol. Actually, if you get out there and vote (click on the screencap to do so!) you can help your favorite semi-finalist out! See, whoever gets the most votes gets the grand prize, which is a $20,000 home makeover with Tayna Memme, and I know we all want that ( well, honestly I’d settle for some free TriScents! I love freebies, dude! ). I definately think, though, that every single semi-finalist deserves the $20,000 home makeover, don’t you? Everyone was great, I really enjoyed their videos, it’s too bad they don’t have a home makeover for everyone!

Damn WordPress

I’m not quite sure how it’s happening but I’ve upgraded wordpress three times to 2.5.1 and three times I’ve been bumped back to the older version, and I don’t know if it’s a cache thing, or if it’s the server or what but it’s starting to drive me insane!

I am no fan of the new version, it’s not nearly as userfriendly as the old, plus they took my beloved file manger away, lol. Not that 2.3.x was a peach, but it was the blue-eyed child compared to this clunker.

At least it mostly works – mostly. It’s been drafting half of my posts and randomly logging me out in the middle of posting something, so I lose the post and I lose time and patience, and I’m at the end of my rope with this thing.

Freezie McGee

How is it freezing in here and sunny outside? It’s always freezing in here to some degree or another and it has the effect of making me rant on my blog instead of recoup which is what I’m trying to do, lol. I’m also trying to get non-support work done from this freezing little room and drink a whole Dr. Pepper by myself that I had to have because Harrison Ford is on it, and at 65 he’s still frigging gorgemous but I’m getting off my point, lol.

My hands are freezing, though, it’s driving me crazypants and I can’t turn on the heater because it’ll be way too hot in here. I need cut-off gloves or something, because *freezing*, and it’s making it hard to even type.