Walk for a Cure

I know a lot of people are touched in some way by disease and dementia, and everyone has to go through their own struggles, but one struggle that my sister and I have both had to deal with is taking care of a parent who was plagued with Alzheimer’s in their twilight years.

It’s something that just tears you up and eats you alive, especially for our family because we couldn’t afford treatment like so many other people out there. It’s scary, you’re totally alone in something like this and you can’t see a way out, and we weren’t even the ones afflicted, I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to have the disease.

If you’ve been touched by Alzheimer’s or know someone who has, or just feel strongly about finding a cure then please sign up for the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk as a team captain! Normally these walks are 2-3 miles and occur in the fall on a weekend morning and with the help of the Alzheimer’s Association you can help find a cure for this debilitating disease. Please do what you can, if you can’t walk then please spread the word and donate if possible!


SO, finally bought that flatbed scanner I’ve been raving and ranting about wanting for two months! It was shipped out from Hollywood, CA. this morning and should be here in only three or four days – whoo hoo! It was cheap so the scans will likely suck balls, but what are you gonna do, eh?

It’s a beauty for such a cheap scanner ( only $37 shipping and all from Amazon.com ), comes with USB cord, instructions and the best part is it comes with it’s software so I can actually use it instead of having to download the software online which is entirely impossible given my USB situation and now they don’t work on the only computer here that’s hooked up to the internet. Plus it’s a lame-ass DSL I can’t figure out so I can’t just move the cable to one of the laptops or I would have by now ( Believe me, I’ve tried! I also tried to find Satsu! Nevermind… ). So yay, software means I can actually use it! YAY ME!

One of the first things that’s going to happen is that Laota is going to start a scan, screencap and promo/still resource gallery over at Laota’s Gallery and make it a gallery again like it used to be. It’ll be one of those sites where you can basically use whatever you want as long as you link back, pretty sweet deal, eh?

Some Reservations?

Rawr. Every time I watch No Reservations ( or anything Anthony Bourdain guest stars on ) I wonder how I’ve managed to not trap him in my man trap yet, lol. He’s some sexy man, that one, even if he is old to the third power and kind of a mean little snot. I’m in love with No Reservations. It’s 100% better than Andrew Zimmerman’s weird food show, partially because Andrew’s such a Jeremy Piven (sp?)-style douche bag that he actually and quite literally makes Ryan Seacrest, who I’ll affectionately refer to as Queer Eye from now on, look like the real Dick Clark by striking comparison, lol..

I’ve become such an advid fan of the Travel Channel, though, I find that I watch it more than History Channel these days only because they’ve started out matching History in the exotic places they go and the fun, weird things they get to do on those shows. Plus Bourdain makes ass fun of the likes of Bobby Flay (dick) and Rachel Ray (psycho), and that sits well with me, lol.

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Van Woes

Well, it’s official. The van is a piece of vintage, 1981 crap lol. Okay, I love that van, and if it ever, you know, went anyplace I’d love it even more. I kind of want an Audi, though, because I know I’ll never be able to afford that Air/Gas hybrid I saw on the History channel, but at least with an Audi I could check out the turbo charger’s over at TurboChargerPros.com, right? Great site, loads kind of slow but it’s worth it for the huge inventory! Technically you don’t need to own an Audi to buy from them, everything from Mitsubishi to BMW are covered, check it out!

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Vacation Memories

One place that I’ve been wanting to go just for a vacation is New York City. I’ve never had the cash to just kick back there, so it’s never been a vacation destination that’s within my reach but maybe if I check out the New York City tours from the Trusted Tours & Attractions online travel guides I could find something more within my price range? They offer pretty great prices on tickets for tours throughout the country in major tourist destinations. Actually, if you’re interested in winning a free $150 gift card from iTunes, just sign up for their eNewsletter by July 31st of this year – easy peasy.

Actually, come to think of it, even when we do have vacation money we never go to the East coast. It’s more like going home for us, if I go on vacation in the U.S. it’s almost always in Southern California. We used to regularly visit my step sister and stay with her — in Oceanside, in L.A., in Burbank and San Diego. I think Oceanside was my favorite but one of the few that I remember clearly was the year we tried in vain to come up withthings to do in San Francisco, lol. San Fran is very much a community type place, and we had the worst time trying to come up with wreckless fun to have in what’s largely suburban territory. Oceanside has been the best so far, come to think of it.

Bourdain Is My God Now

So, I love Anthony Bourdain. I’ve just decided I do. I’m a huge fan of No Reservations ( travel channel ) because of the places they go, the food and the culture, and I’ll never get to go anywhere so it’s nice to have a pretend experience, but even if it was just a stupid cooking show I’d still love Bourdain, that man is so freaking funny, smart and sexy, I don’t know where they found him.

I’m starting to think he’s lobbying for my affection, lol. He’s from New York, he quotes Nietzsche, loves The Ramones, gets inked, drinks, smokes, bitches and makes fun of the likes of Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay ( two hosts I despise ) and it makes me wonder if I made him in the garage with my power tools and just forgot about it? Seriously, it sounds like I programmed him myself, doesn’t it? Lmao. I’m watching his Vietnam ep right now and waiting impatiently for No Reservations China episode that’s this week. And now he’s smoking, because he knows that drives me insane. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit obsessed, lol.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Well I just got to see The Greatest Game Ever Played, and now I question the sanity of the people who panned it in reviews and whatnot. It’s absolutely beautiful, and this is from someone who pretty much doesn’t give two shots about golf, in fact I’m basically bored to tears by the game, but they totally make you feel for the characters with great casting, writing and directing and they really made me care about that particular US Open.

Of course, I saw it because Shia’s in it, and his films never seem to dissapoint even if they’ve gotten bad reviews. So color me surprised that they really are good films. I didn’t even want to see Disturbia, lol. In fact, I’m still ticked that they remade it but it’s *so* good. Le sigh, lol.

Affordable a Vacation? Me?

If you’ve ever dreamt of Luxury Skiing holidays in Meribel, France, or longed for Luxury ski chalets in St Anton, Austria, then you’re likely dreaming of luxury ski deals from SuperTravel. Okay, granted I don’t and will never have enough money to go on a vacation, especially not to the likes of Courchevel, France or anywhere else in europe, but the deals over at SuperTravel actually make me wonder if I’d be able to go someday. I ride the poverty line, and I have to live hand to mouth, but does that mean a Meribel chalet is really out of my reach? It’s starting not to seem that way, and Supertravel has specialists who can arrange vacation travel for you, maybe they could help? Either way, it’s looking more and more possible. :D

Tired of Bossman

I am so sick and tired of Bossman being at my house all the damn time. I’m tired of working all night then having to stay awake all day because he just won’t leave, and on top of all that he’s Bossman, what can I really do about it? It’s driving me insane, he thinks we have this great friendship even though I’ve made myself clear – I don’t like him, I can’t stand his politics and I think he can shove his God where the sun don’t shine, I don’t want it in my government but he laughs that off as if I must be kidding or something. I’m gonna kill him, lol.

Short Review – Cloverfield

Okay, well apparently Cloverfield is a piece of crap and I’m glad I didn’t waste my precious time and even more precious money going to see that turd box in the theater, because they don’t deserve my ticket money lol.

See, when Cloverfield first came out I thought, “Oh jesus, another We’re Douchebags horror movie.” and I wish I’d just kept that in my mind at all times instead of being fooled by the fact that the amazing Drew Goddard was the pen for this stinker. The concept’s not bad, and I agree that American should have it’s own Godzilla-like monster, but can we please have central characters who don’t annoy me and make me spend the entire movie going, “OH GOD, please just die already! Show me the monster before you go!”?