Touring the Big Apple

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should really surf on over to the New York tourist guide web page and check out what kind of services are provided by Family In New York, Inc. because this is the coolest thing, I swear, I’ve never heard of anything like this. It seems like Family In New York, Inc. will take you on a private, guided tour of the Big Apple from your hotel to the Brooklyn Bridge and everything in between. The site has some great photos and descriptions of what you can expect. Very cool!

Passware, Inc.

I’ve never used Passware software, but I sure have heard of them. They’re Windows password decryption can save you a lot of time and effort if you’re ‘locked out’ and need to reset your passwords without having to reboot your entire system. Got to love that, and also gotta love that they’ve been in business since 1998 – 10 years! Very worth a look!

Are You An Innie or an Audi?

I would love to trade in that piece of crap 1981 party van for a car that actually runs. That would be nice, lol. I love that van, honestly, but it’s hell to get parts for. Of course you can’t find anyone out here in the boonies that’ll sell you cars that run at all, in fact most of what I’ve seen ‘for sale’ has been totally junked to the point where it shouldn’t even be allowed on the street.

I was thinking of checking out because they’ve got a section where you can sell used car, and that may be worth a look if I’m ever able to afford one. They’ve got tons of neat info on the site including reviews of a lot of the newest cars, it’s definitely cool and worth a look even if it’s just to enter the enter the drive, rate and fly contest. Before I visited, I thought if I were to get the car of my dreams it would be a black 60s Dodge Desoto Sportman with fins ( oh yes, fins ) or if I were to really go out on a limb, meaning mention a car I could never have, it would be that experimental orange BS they used for Bumblebee in Transformers, lol. But since visiting this site I’ve decided my one true love is the 2008 Audi R8. I wonder if they come in hot pink?

Endless Coupons?

I’m pretty much trying out all of the coupons possible to get better deals on and I’ve come across in my travels and their delicious Endless coupon. I’m more or less a huge fan of online shopping, in fact when I have the money I regularly buy books from Amazon, movies, even clothes and right now I’m on a The Beef kick with a short stack of scanned magazines featuring Shia to prove it, lol.

My only issue is that shipping and handling makes a small product like a DVD no bargain at all if you buy it online, unless you know where to go to get coupon codes, which are all the rage with yours truly. I’ve gotten free shipping and 10-50% discounts on everything from pocky and rice to magazines, books and dvds and I’m not stopping there – no sir.

I’ve decided that I need a new dishwasher, a mini one which Laota and I are saving up for and will be buying from with the help of some coupon codes. I’m likely going to try just to see if they’ve got anything I don’t already have, so far so good – I’ve found 4 working coupons for things I want. Go me!

Boy For All Seasons

So, I am now the owner of a brand new calendar thanks to Natalie, fellow fangirl and present giver extraordinare lol. Yesterday I got a package from her, all gift wrapped and everything, that contained a 12 month Shia LaBeouf calendar, lmao. I adore her and I’m a Shia fan but not a big fan of merchandise, plus even with my being a fan of his what would I do with that other than oogle it? Oh, right! Oogle it! Der, lol.

She’s such a sweetiepie, always thinking about everyone but hereself and, of course, she’s had the same front row seat to my Shia fixation as I’ve had to her obsession with sexy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starRobert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory, and yes he’s sexy now – seriously, google a few of his newer pics if you’re into kind of gothic guys, lol.

Lunch Labels?

I don’t know if you’ve been over to the Dymo website to check out all their awesome back to school stuff or not, but they’ve got some great stuff over there, particularly their Dymo label maker that makes some killer color labels that I would have killed to have when I was in school.

I was just teased relentlessly because I brought a lunchbox but I did it anyway because I just loved that thing. It was yellow Teddy Ruxpin, and if I could find one today I’d carry my lunch in it, I adored that lunchbox. In fact, I never grew out of that, to this day I collect and carry Bento to work with me every day, my favorite is my strawberry milk pink Hello Kitty onigiri bento but I’m getting off track, lol.

Basically if you carry a lunch box in 5th grade you’re asking for it, and I got it, these two kids would hide it or dump the food out and replace it with anything gross they could find during recess, and once they even threw it away and I saw it sticking out of the garbage. Well I was so tired of it and so embarassed that one week I brought a brown paper sack with my lunch in it and every single day one of the two girls who used to mess with my lunchbox would steal the lunch bag and eat my lunch or share it with her friends.

Well, one day I caught her doing it and I told the lunch duty and do you know what she said? Because it wasn’t my usual lunchbox she couldn’t prove it was my lunch, so the girl was never punished and I ended up going yet another week without lunch. I would have loved to have that label maker to label my lunch bag and prove that the lunch was mine, because let’s be honest, I just really wanted her to at least get yelled at by a teacher or something lol.

But it didn’t detour me, at least. To this day I bring lunch boxes (bento) with me to work and out when I’m going out, and guess what? Now everyone who sees my lunchbox wants one of their own. Life’s funny that way, nes pas?


Ugh, I have been sick to my stomach all day. I’ve been having a lot of stomach problems the last six or seven months or so, but this is different. This was brought on by a pita chip, which was utterly disgusting and now I’m so queasy from a quarter-sized bite that I’ve thrown up twice and I’m sitting here nausiated out of my mind and waiting for more heaving to come. I’m so tired of being sick every second of every day, if it’s not one thing it’s another, but this time I’m kicking myself because I could have avoided it.

That’s Rich.

Let’s pretend, for five seconds, that I ever remember to renew my own domain names. Let’s also pretend that I didn’t let one of them expire by accident and will now never see it again as we zip right to the fact that I, meaning the great anyone ever, and broke as a matchstick and couldn’t afford to renew the domain anyway.

At least I’ll have birthday present money for my mom’s birthday on the 4th, and she’ll look at the gift and sort of tuck it behind the others saying she’ll open it later so I could easily put a cat poo in it and she wouldn’t even notice, lol. Ah, the love in my family is great and strong!

I’m hoping that selling off all of my wordpress themes will make me enough cash to renew Beautiful Sin, because I’m kind of at the end of my rope here with this being broke thing. I’m over it, I want to go back to my previous dream life where I’m dumb and rich and can get liposuction, lol.

Picnic Daydreams

Ahh! AHHH! New favorite website! How did Dean Deluca know I wanted gourmet food for a picnic? Magic, that’s how! Evil mind reading magic! They’ve got teas, oh holy thunder of the Gods, they have teas! And ice cream thingies, I don’t even know what kind most of those are in but it’s absolutely adorable! Of course I want to go picnic with the coffee ice cream in an insulated bento, though I know it’d melt but I suppose I can pretend it was supposed to be ice cream soup, lol. Actually I could likely put it in a thermos with a few ice packs or use a cooler instead? I don’t know how well that would work but I’m definately willing to try it.

And obviously, anyone who knows me can attest to this, I’m a cake fanatic. Me and Natalie share this fixation with eachother that start with frosting and ends with lemon custard, lol. The Seashell Cake is absolutely beautiful! That’s what you call mouth watering right there, and honestly I think I’m going to have to sneak over and steal it because, yes, look at it – theivery is in my future! I can’t let Nat see it, there’ll be a fight over it and I don’t want to die for real over a cake I don’t really have, lol. So there you have it, I’m going to be kind of a pig here and have a pretend ice cream and cake bento picnic with iced tea. And I’ll get pretend sick, but that’s ok, because if I’m pretending anyway I may as well pretend I have health insurance!

Gorgeous Glasses

I’ve talked before about how I need to be able to afford new eyeglasses, and how I’m skint broke and can barely afford to keep my domain name registered to keep my blog online here at Beautiful Sin, so this isn’t news to my regular visitors I’m sure, but I just got through reading up a glowing recommendation from over at The Clark Howard Show and I really think they deserve praise like that from a consumer advocate show.

I mean, where else are you going to find such gorgeous glasses for such a low price? We’re talking an insane amount of stylish frames, you can get single vision lens, tinted sunglasses lense, even sunsensor and bifocals for as low as $8 and YES they are able to fill perscription orders for that price! I just adore their frames, the selection is amazing, plus they manucature their own frames so you get the lowest possible price every time because you’re not paying a middle man or extra for shipping, storage or wholesale prices that other glasses retailers pay, so you don’t get gouged on the price. My abolute favorite pair of glasses are pictured here, tell me those aren’t adorable? They’re so me! :)