Sally’s Song Revisited

Well, I’ve actually been turned on to a cover song that I actually like – and yes, this is from the same woman who swore she’d kill Joss Stone for covering “Fell In Love With A Girl” and plans to make good on that threat some day. But this song is different, this song is moody and gothy and very, very late 90s me. It sounds, for you Buffy fans, like something you might hear at The Bronze in season 2 – and what’s this song? It’s “Sally’s Song” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, expertly and heartbreakingly covered by the amazing Fiona Apple.

It inspires me, and I rarely get inspired by music these days, especially since most music consists of Disney Channel rejects claiming to have intact cherries and messy hair, when in reality neither of those things are real and/or intact. I miss the days before Avril was considered ‘punk’ and before Britney was a sparkle in Michael Eisner’s eye. Someone give me back my The Verve, please. The Cranberries, anyone? Nickel? Third Eye Blind? Cibo Matto? Anyone? You suck.

You had me at hello

Okay, I’ve talked at length about the ridiculously awesome Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to us by our lovely friends at Extreme Style by VO5, and I’m sure I will again because I got to play the game (finally!) and I’ve found out something about myself – I suck!

No, there will be no Victory Hair for Faith because Faith can’t lay on a pick up line to save her life, lmao. I think it’s because I was always super blunt about these things and I never really needed pick up lines – plus they’re kind of cheesy and I don’t forsee them working on anyone with half a brain.

For instance – what are the greatest smoothie lines in the history of Hollywood? Cheesy! “You had me at hello” might be the worst, but I think the absolute best smoothie line of them all was Mae West’s, “Why don’t you come up, sometime, and see me?” famously twisted into, “Come up and see me sometime.” by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the business.

Sure, Hollywood’s got in a few good jabs, like “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.”, “How do you say, I wish I were my brother?” ( both rattled off by the often under sung, still awfully sexy, late, great Humphrey Bogart ) and new classics like, “How about a little blow job for good luck?” ( Jay Derris – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ), or my favorite, “It’s just skin.” ( Faith Lehane – Buffy the Vampire Slayer ). So yes, a few good jabs. But do they really work? If they work on you, I pity you, although who’s to say if they’d work on me if Bogart were to say them? Hmm, question for another time.

Worst Pick-up Lines Ever?

I live out in the boonies, so I’ve heard every horrible hillbilly pick-up line in the book. The worst aren’t even pick-up lines, they’re kind of Threat-mantic ( Please, tell me there are other Fairly Odd Parents fans out there? ) and they end up sounding far more like threats than invitations.

I think the worst I’ve ever heard is a tie between a guy who asked me on New Year’s Day when I was sick, exhausted and working register at a gas station if I’d like to help him break in a condom he’d just bought ( uh, no thanks ) and one I heard when I was 16. This guy named Buck who was in his 70s made a comment to me that he had a bag he’d like to put me in. Yeah, it’s fun out here, not scary or horrible at all! Everyone, come live in Buttcrack, Missouri and get thrown in a bag by Herbert the Pervert!

If you’ve heard a bad one, please let me know, I want to know I’m not alone! If you want a chuckle, check out Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship game, it’s cool but I have yet to finish it ( will finish it at the library, faster connection – I’m on dail up right now, pew! ). It’s fun, though, I have yet to achieve Victory Hair! Think you can get yourself some Victory Hair? Well don’t just sit there, go test your flirting skills over at the Ultimate Flirting Championship already, and don’t hesitate to let me know how you did!

DNS Fixed and Fansite Design

Whoo doggies! Finally, dude, finally stupid, frigging, troublesome Shia LaBeouf Online is working again, I can see it and login and my scans are up ( of course now I want to buy more magazines, though my no money keeps me from doing so, lol. ).

We’re trying to get Poison Apples Designs up and running again and we’re making cheaper, more elaborate layouts to fuel our want of magazines to scan, DVDs to screencap and domain registrations/renewals as well as advertising. Basicaly we’re now making designs that are fully compatible with the new ads over at, so if you’re hosted there and you want a layout that behaves ( lol ) with the new ads, then you can either trade us original magazine scans, dvd screencaptures or pay us so we can run to ebay and blow it on magazines and you’ll get a fully coded layout out of it built specifically to work around the new celebbuzz ads. :)

Directory with Useful Information?

Okay, I love directories but this one takes the cake, because it’s actually got useful listings in it. Let’s face it, most directories these days are either pretty with no content, or tons of content but a horrible layout, and even with the content they usually have outdated links but not ClickSmart. It’s quick loading, not bad to look at and has a varied amount of content ranging from landscaping to finding Houston home inspector. In fact, if you’re living the Texas and you need ahome inspector in Houston then you’re headed in the right direction. This isn’t just a listing, it’s a listing of experts in the field!

Adorable Clothes

Well, apparently it’s time to try and trick me out of my hard earned money with gorgeous and cheap junior clothing. You know Heavenly Couture does this to me a lot, so much in fact that I feel like they may be stalking me to try and find out what I like, then they put it on their site and try to trap me! Because they know I’m weak, lmao.

I know I get a bit of flack for my love of cheap clothing, but I really don’t have a lot of money and everything being $17.95 or less plus cute as hell is exactly why I love them so much. They remind me of back in the day when I had a little spending money, lol, because the clothes aren’t cheaply made – just cheap for me to buy, which I like on account of how I’m cheap. I’ve already got a few favorites to show off here, if you don’t believe me that this store rocks my face off. They even have a Daily Special garment for $9.99, how cool is that?

Touring the Big Apple

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should really surf on over to the New York tourist guide web page and check out what kind of services are provided by Family In New York, Inc. because this is the coolest thing, I swear, I’ve never heard of anything like this. It seems like Family In New York, Inc. will take you on a private, guided tour of the Big Apple from your hotel to the Brooklyn Bridge and everything in between. The site has some great photos and descriptions of what you can expect. Very cool!

Passware, Inc.

I’ve never used Passware software, but I sure have heard of them. They’re Windows password decryption can save you a lot of time and effort if you’re ‘locked out’ and need to reset your passwords without having to reboot your entire system. Got to love that, and also gotta love that they’ve been in business since 1998 – 10 years! Very worth a look!

Are You An Innie or an Audi?

I would love to trade in that piece of crap 1981 party van for a car that actually runs. That would be nice, lol. I love that van, honestly, but it’s hell to get parts for. Of course you can’t find anyone out here in the boonies that’ll sell you cars that run at all, in fact most of what I’ve seen ‘for sale’ has been totally junked to the point where it shouldn’t even be allowed on the street.

I was thinking of checking out because they’ve got a section where you can sell used car, and that may be worth a look if I’m ever able to afford one. They’ve got tons of neat info on the site including reviews of a lot of the newest cars, it’s definitely cool and worth a look even if it’s just to enter the enter the drive, rate and fly contest. Before I visited, I thought if I were to get the car of my dreams it would be a black 60s Dodge Desoto Sportman with fins ( oh yes, fins ) or if I were to really go out on a limb, meaning mention a car I could never have, it would be that experimental orange BS they used for Bumblebee in Transformers, lol. But since visiting this site I’ve decided my one true love is the 2008 Audi R8. I wonder if they come in hot pink?

Endless Coupons?

I’m pretty much trying out all of the coupons possible to get better deals on and I’ve come across in my travels and their delicious Endless coupon. I’m more or less a huge fan of online shopping, in fact when I have the money I regularly buy books from Amazon, movies, even clothes and right now I’m on a The Beef kick with a short stack of scanned magazines featuring Shia to prove it, lol.

My only issue is that shipping and handling makes a small product like a DVD no bargain at all if you buy it online, unless you know where to go to get coupon codes, which are all the rage with yours truly. I’ve gotten free shipping and 10-50% discounts on everything from pocky and rice to magazines, books and dvds and I’m not stopping there – no sir.

I’ve decided that I need a new dishwasher, a mini one which Laota and I are saving up for and will be buying from with the help of some coupon codes. I’m likely going to try just to see if they’ve got anything I don’t already have, so far so good – I’ve found 4 working coupons for things I want. Go me!