Reach For The Stars

Ack, I used to do this forever ago! Of course I didn’t do it this way – agent, cattle calls, etc. etc. – but if you’re in the market to make some good money, then you definately want to try your hand at extra work. You’re looking at at least $100 per day, upwards of $300 if you go with Talent6.

I’ve been out of the business so long, let me tell you. The last film I extra’d for was The Sandlot in 1992, which was a piece of crap with no budget that was filmed mostly in Utah (thank the Gods for that, because I happened to live in Utah at the time and it bought me my back to school clothes!). What I wouldn’t give to get into extra work again. Generally, you’re just filling a scene with realistic background movement – people walking, having conversations, jogging, you name it. Not a bad way to make $250 a day, huh?

If you’re up for it, call Talent6 (800-493-9047) and see how far you can go. You n ever know, this toll free call to a portfolio manager might be the start of a brand new career? Won’t know until you call, and since background work is 100% on the up and up you don’t have to worry about having to pay anything up front – I know it sounds too good to be true, but take it from someone who’s been there, it’s true. And a lot of times, though they have long hours, you can have some real fun doing it!

A Unique Holiday Gift

It’s almost holiday time again, which means I have to start thinking of presents for my fun, silly, work oriented gear-head friends and I think I already have the perfect present for Nan. She’s just getting into PayPerPost and other sponsored coasting but I want to give her something that will make it easier for her to type even with her arthrisis. I think I’m going to choose Dragon. It’s very cool, basically it’s a tool to help you blog super quickly because you can effectively type at 150 WPM for $99!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

Drew of the BenSpark has put together a great little video demonstrating Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Drew has been blogging for quite some time and he might just be one of the best mobile bloggers that I know. He is probably more famous for his picture a day work as he is an excellent photographer. But I can’t help be amazed at how much content he creates and the high level of quality in that content.

He’s definitely a blogger that employs best practices when he finds them. And based on this video, it looks like he might see some potential in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now I am not trying to put an endorsement in Drew’s mouth. Time will tell, but I do think he is off to an excellent start.

You’ll notice in his video, that the sound quality of his video is excellent. That’s actually an important aspect for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I don’t mean that you need good video quality or sound quality in a video to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking work. However you do need a good microphone, and it should be a noise canceling microphone at that. The better the sound quality, and the better able your microphone is to remove other background noises, the better your system will be able to recognize the words that you say as fast as you say them and transcribe them accurately.

Now Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with a noise cancellation microphone that works very well when you buy it out of the box. Drew is working with a download version that does not come with a microphone, and so he had to supply his own.

As I write this article, I am using a wireless headset microphone from Logitech. I’ve been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for almost two years now, but I’ve just recently untethered myself from Dragon NaturallySpeaking and started using a wireless headset microphone with noise cancellation capabilities. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 does have the capability of working with Bluetooth wireless microphones, but my particular microphone runs on 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Now if you live in a household or work in an office environment where there are a number of systems or phones or microwaves, you may experience some interference with this particular headset. In that case, you will probably be better served with either a Bluetooth headset or a headset that is capable of being plugged directly into your computer through the microphone plug or through USB. I don’t have that issue, and so I do get excellent quality with little to no interference at all.

So if you take an interest in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and want to try it for yourself, I highly recommend that you get a boxed version of the software which you can order from Nuance online. You can even get a good deal on a Bluetooth wireless headset and a bundled option from Nuance. If you’re looking for entry level pricing, you can start using the software and get a headset microphone for as little as $99.

To put that in context, I’ve taken three typing classes over the years to boost my typing speed and spent essentially three semesters practicing at typing. It wasn’t the only thing that I studied, but I spent a lot of time building up my typing skill. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can invest $99, invest an hour installing the software (I’m being very conservative with that time estimate) and as little as 10 minutes training the software to recognize your voice before you can be off and running typing at 150 words per minute!

That is pretty amazing, and well worth the value of $99. Not to mention if you spend a little extra and get a wireless headset microphone, you can pace around your room or your office, you can exercise, or do a number of different things other than sit at a computer desk staring at your computer all day long. :-) $99 basically gives you your freedom.

Best regards,
Brett Bumeter

My name is Brett Bumeter, and I wrote the article above and 4 1/2 minutes. The article is about 659 words long, and that translates into 144 words per minute. Add in two minutes for editing, and that’s still 100 words per minute!

Disney Whine

Every time I watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit I remember why I hate Disney so much. Don’t get me wrong WFRR is a great film even if it deviates from the book to a lousy extreme, but it was maybe the crowning achievement of the now defunct Touchstone in my opinion. Superbly drawn, beautiful animated, nostalgia abounds in that film and Industrial Light and Magic’s touch up of the animation gave it amazing realism and softness – they couldn’t do it that well today. Why? Because my beloved Disney sucks balls now.

I should kick Eisner in his fat, bureaucrat ass for this. He’s made Disney the Direct-To-Video-Sequel king and practically torn down Disneyland, Walt’s baby. With all the money they spent on California Adventure, don’t you think they could have repaired some of the rides and attractions in Disneyland or used that money to, you know, not have to jack up the price of a hamburger to eight hundred and fifty dollars, nine hundred if you want a napkin?

The quality is gone, their bread and butter is rehashing their classics into bullshit like Cinderella II and expecting us to shell out for half-assed CGI productions that they could have, should have, done with hand-drawn animation and now studios like Dreamworks and Sony are beating their asses with gorgeous hand-drawn work and some of the best CGI film you’ll ever want to see ( Surf’s Up, anyone? ). All the while Disney is trying, scrambling even, desperately to win back their audience with the long awaited Frog Princess – the first hand drawn Disney film since the low-budget, high gross labor of love and media darling Lilo and Stitch – this from the company that DISMANTLED their hand drawn animation department and started doing their animation outsourced to Asia and I think Australia. Now they have to eat a dick, because I’m pretty sure Frog Princess is being hand drawn right here in the U.S. by a Disney animation department. I hope they kicked Iger and his gargoyles out of the 7 Dwarves building. Why, again, do they need that extra office space?


Car For Me?

Ahh, car! Want! Me, please? Apparently Samantha’s car in the Sex and the City movie is the brand new, impressive and trendy The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, the 5-passenger SUV that’s compact and just absolutely gorgeous! Mercedes-Benz has a sneak peak going on for these $43,000 cars that won’t be available until January 2009, which is kind of mean considering now I’ve got to wait – I hate that, lol.

Supernatural – Hmm?

Well, Steph’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank on this one, lol, but I watched an episode of Supernatural tonight and Dean and Sam are just adorable. Ugly as sin, but adorable. See, I’ve seen it before and it was worthless – and don’t get me wrong, the show’s not compelling, it doesn’t suck you in, and to be honest the premise is pure horseshit, but the dialog is hilarious. Go team!

So, now I’ve got to just fess up to this, I’ll likely be watching it from now on lol. “F” you Steph and Heather! F YOU IN YOUR V! I do deserve this, though, for getting Steph hooked on Asian horror lol.

Feeling Lousy

Argh, my back is killing me. My muscles, dude, just… argh. I haven’t slept in forever and ever, which means now I’m going crazy and all I wanna do is sleep lol, but I’ll be damned if I miss seeing Eagle Eye tonight – I’m ready to kill a few people for me missing The Dark Knight as it is. Glad I got to see it, but would have rather seen it in the theater here, you know? But let me tell you, it’s impossible to get $10 in cash and the theater here is so teeny tiny that they only accept cash, so it’s always a big situation just to go out to the movies.

The snacks cost too much, no fountain drinks, too many hillbillies, they always screw up the movie plus they give us, I shit you not, carnival style raffle tickets instead of actual film stubs, so it’s… kind of stupid to even call yourself a theater if you’re acting like a Mormon church social lol. Pot luck, anyone?

Holiday Cards

If you’re like me, even though Halloween is the next great big holiday that’s coming up, you’re also probably already looking into menus, gifts, decorations and cards for the major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. and honestly I don’t see how the holiday season gets here faster every single year. It’s sneaking up on me!

But anyway, to my point, one of the nifty things you could send out this year is your very own, personal, customized holiday cards from

VistaPrint is one of my all time favorite websites. I’ve been going there for years, and they always have a huge selection and amazing variety of products for you to customize for your family, business, school or church. They go above and beyond to make their web store easy to use, this I know from personal experience, and they have FREE products now and then like rubber stamps, car magnets, calendars and business cards. It’s almost silly not to go and check them out, you could have your family sitting pretty on a customized Christmas card in no time – and without breaking the bank.

I think I’m going to get my New Years cards there, I’d love to do a few sketches, scan them and see if I can’t get some adorable cards out of them. :)

Selena Gomez – Who Are You?

Can somebody tell me something? Can somebody tell me why the hell people insist on asking Selena Gomez her opinion of every damn thing ever? Who cares what she thinks of Miley Freaking Cyrus or her older boyfriend, and why am I getting emailed by Us Magazine about it every fucking day? Hello? I did *not* sign up for that stupid mailing list, and I’ve tried thrice ( three times for those of you who don’t speak Faith, lol ) to get off the list but they’re not having any of it as it turns out.

Every other thing I ever hear is about that chick these days. Who the hell is she? Who’s Nick Jonas? Do you know, out of everyone they mention during all their rantings about her the only person’s name I recognize is Shia LaBeouf? Like, they’re trying to nail her on dating this Nick, and she’s doing it but she doesn’t want to admit it. How do I know? Because whenever they say “Nick Jonas” to her, she says “Shia LaBeouf” – every single time if you can believe the media. First off, who cares about her? She’s VERY pretty, I agree! But what does she even do? Sing? Act? Who the hell is she?

Secondly, and more importantly, if you ever want to find out if your friend likes some guy and she doesn’t want to admit it, ask her directly. If she says “You know who’s hot? That Dave from Pop Copy.” you’ve nailed her, lol. At least she’s talking about LaBeouf – anything to get him in the news I for something other than the pick up crash situation, eh?

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Deck Out Your Den

If you’ve never been to, then you’re just like I am, because I’d never been there until today but it is *so* nifty and cool. If you’ve ever thought about restaurant seating products, bar stools, chairs or tables for your home but I’ve got to point out that these are GORGEOUS and they’d make a great addition to a rec room or den, but I’m not sure if they sell to people who aren’t in the business?

The website is really easy to navigate, very easy on the eyes and they’ve got so many items that I’ll be honest, it made me wish I were in the money, lol. I almost want to open up a restaurant just to have an excuse to buy some of this stuff. Can’t afford it, but I want it! :)

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Argh, On Strike!

I’ve about had it with Orbit player and Real player and blah, blah, blah because I can try and try until I’m blue in the face but I can’t manage to download any video from any site with a rtmp server thingie. Or on an rtmp server thingie, which is annoying me because there are a few interviews I want to put on my laptop but I can’t save the files onto my desktop to do so, so basically I’m screwed, lol.

I was thinking of searching for a video downloader that supports rtmp servers but I’m too lazy and there aren’t many I’ve seen that work, even if they do charge an arm and a leg for their services. What a gip, dude, at least they could work, right? Especially for $30 and $40 bucks a pop for full activiation. I’m so gonna go on strike, lol.