More on DeathNote

UnknownOkay, I found out something today about the DeathNote movie that I didn’t realize before. It looks like it may be the Japanese version! Although, I don’t recognize the actors ( and a lot of Japanese-style films come out of Korea these days ), I’m fairly sure it’s Japanese and when it comes out in select theaters ( May 20 and 21st ) it’ll have English dubbing, which honestly I’m not a fan of. I’d rather read subtitles and hear the original language ( I’m a big fan of Asian and African languages, it comes with being slightly obsessive, lol. ).

As I’ve previously stated in my gushing over Deathnote, it’s about a teenager who finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone – as long as you’ve written their name in the book and, of course, being a fallable human being, Light takes on the role of God and begins judgement and punishment as he sees fit. If you haven’t seen the insanely popular anime series or read the amazing manga, you’re missing out, and I strongly suggest making DeathNote the movie your introduction into this genre. Check out for ticket information!

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Unlocked GSM Phone Heaven

Holy macaroni! I’ve been given a chance to review a site that has Unlocked Cell Phones for actually decent prices for sale! I’m not one to review lightly, and granted even with the great prices I’m poor enough to where I’m just never going to be able to afford one of these, but right now I’m in desperate need of twounlocked motorola cell phones – one for me and one for Laota – because ours are unuseable.

By unuseable I mean that my mother took Laota’s and mine’s been broken for months, so long that I’m thinking about getting a crappy $10 tracfone for emergencies but it’s really not an ideal replacement, and if I do end up just buying a new phone I’m definately thinking of going through VibeCellular, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such low prices for new phones without a contract tossed in to trip you up and make you pay out the nose.

Plus, we already have a family contract, and if you need a replacement phone and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg then you’re going to hate your service provider because that’s exactly what they want you to do, this I know from personal experience.

Of course, you know me and pink, lol. I’m in love with this The Moto Razr V3. I really need a fairy godmother!

Spectacular Vision for Less

I’ve ranted and raved in blog posts many a time about how hard it is living in a situation that puts me at near poverty levels even with the crazy hours I work. I work online mostly and every penny I make is used up before all of my basics are out of the way, so the fact that I’ve had to make due without glasses ever since I grew out of my 6th grade pair shouldn’t come as a shock.

But with or without the means, at some point I’m going to have to suck it up and do without something else in order to buy the glasses I need, because currently I’m getting chronic vision induced migraines all the time, and I can’t seem to shake them which really affects my work and my sleep habits. I can’t keep going on like this without the ability to fix it or the pain will drive me insane.

I’ve been seriously thinking of getting some eyeglasses at ZenniOptical. They’ve got new frames in, very nice stuff with great shape to them, especially these totally radical (yes, I am bringing that phrase back after successfully reviving ‘dude’ in the late 90s, lol) frames below which are my current favorites! Isn’t that gorgeous 80s Grape Ape color absolutely divine?

They not only have a huge selection, but they’ve got frames sarting as low as $8 per pair, which sounds as good as the word ‘free’ to me because the price is so low it may as well be, and if they’re as good as they look I’ll be recommending them to everyone including my sister who’s in desperate need of vision correction.

Simple DIY flood cleanup you can try for yourself

flooded room

Your home must be promptly taken care of after you have suffered a flood. Why should you do this? The flood water can damage your valuables, like rug, furniture, bedding and lots more. Aside this, it can negatively impact the home and compromise its structural integrity. Aside the above, the flood can bring in all sorts of diseases into the home and expose everyone that lives in it to infection. If you cannot manage the flood by yourself, you can always call on professionals to help out. The truth remains however, that cleaning up your home after a flood is not rocket science and anyone can get it done, especially if the flood is not the huge type. So, how can you carry out this DIY flood cleanup?  Some simple things you can do will be looked into below.

Disinfection is very important

Needless to say, the flood water must be bailed out of the home and the mud that accompanies the water must not be left lying around. Your valuables must be salvaged and spread under the sun to dry. The heating system in the home can help quicken the rate at which these things dry up. Aside the above, it is very important to disinfect the home. You equally should not limit the disinfection to the interiors of the home alone; you must equally disinfect the entire premises.  What is the way you can do this properly? Prepare some warm water and add into it some chlorinated bleach; 2 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water will just be perfect.  Mix the solution properly and you have on your hand the perfect solution for disinfection to aid in your DIY flood cleanup effort, making paid flood cleanup services unnecessary.

Everything must be scrubbed using the solution prepared above; the shelves, the floors, the walls and every other thing imaginable must never be left untouched. Aside this, make sure you also spray the lawn using this solution. With any luck, the rain will not fall too soon to wash the solution off before it could get the hatchet job done on the possible infectious agents. Your wall boards as well as panels may need to be torn off to ensure they do not harbor these infectious agents in the event these panels have come in contact with flood water.

Lower the moisture level

The fan as well as the air conditioning system in the home must be turned on to help reduce the amount of moisture in the home. Infectious agents fester more in moist environments. The windows too must be thrown open as well as the doors; they let in more breezes into the home to further reduce the moisture level.    Moisture can promote the growth of mildew and mold. Get rid of these to make the home safer for all.  Vacuum cleaner will help get rid of the molds faster. Get a replacement for your insulation in the event it had had been damaged by the flood. The subflooring must be properly dried before you ever lay the linoleum covering or the rug on it again.

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