Help Selling Online

It’s too bad I don’t have an iSold It store near by – I live in the middle of Buttcrack, Missouri and there’s literally only one grocery store in town and it’s six miles from here! And the town has GROWN since we moved here, lol.

So, anyway, I’be been wanting to sell my Peir One Imports Chinese-style lantern, or I’ve been thinking about it, at least, and I’ve basically decided against doing so because it’s so heavy, I wouldn’t know about the shipping and handeling so I don’t know what to charge for the shipping, and worst of all I wouldn’t have the time to list it myself and try to promote it, and these are all things that iSold It can do for me.

It’s just easier, you know? I’ve sold a lot on eBay, but I just don’t want to go through the hassle of selling something that weighs something like 20 pounds and involves glass! I’d rather have someone take care of it for me, and actually iSold It sounds better and better all the time but alas, I’m not lucky enough to live near enough to an iSold It for it to be at all possible for me to try them out – if you try them, please let me know how they work! I have a feeling I’d definately recommend it to anyone, because I know how hard it is to sell on eBay without any help.

Sponsored by iSold It!

Stupid Blockbuster!

MAD. I just signed up for blockbuster’s “free trial” today, and the bastages charged me $10! Isn’t a Free Trial supposed to be “free”!?

Stupid Blockbuster! So far I’ve noticed that their rates are higher than Netflix, the selection’s lax, the support is slow and, my favorite, the previously viewed DVDs for sale are almost twice what they are at netflix – why did I sign up for this?

Stomach Ouchies

Ugh, I hate feeling sick and it seems like more and more I’m just sick all the time, and queasy and stomach rumbly. I feel like I’m gonna hurl, actually, and of course there’s someone using the john right now so I get to sit out here waiting for them to move their butt’s already so I can fix this..shiz.

I need to get my hands on something do deal with this stomach issue, I don’t know what though. Maybe some acidophilys milk or something, I don’t know. All I know is I’ve got to do *something* before I go freaking crazypants, even my teeth are suffering from the constant upchucking and I know something’s seriously wrong with me but I can’t do anything about it. Pewwww.

Gorgeous Shoes

Ahhh, kawaii! Now I have to have Mooz! Okay, Mooz are shoes, lol. Stupid Inifinity Shoes, why must you tempt me with your gorgemous minnetonka boots and tsubo shoes? I’m a big maryjane fan but I know Laota would just go nutso for the fabulous Foxy Mama’s in black, she’s a t-strap fanatic and has been for far over a decade. Plus t-straps are so adorable, and you can go cutesy, classy or rocker chick with them – in fact, I’ve got a pair of Lucky 13’s with a four inch heel and double t-strap maryjane going on that I’ve only ever worn once, but I just absolutely adore them.

The sheer variety of shoes over at Infinity Shoes is amazing, some of these shoes are ‘outdated chic’ which means they have a great, edgy and retro look to them that I just adore, and many are shoes I’ve loved and haven’t been able to find for sale since I live in the middle of nowhere. The seychelles shoes are my favorite, I could live on the Bachelorette’s without food or water for the rest of my natural born life, lmao. I’m in love with the Mooz, though, most of all – I’ve decided I can’t live without them to the point where I think I may actually fight you for them. :P

Discounted Luxury Watches

I’m basically poor – dirt poor, actually – and, to be perfectly and completely honest I’ve never really been able to afford designer anything. No brand new designer sunglasses, no luxury watches, or even slighly expensive shoes ( I refuse to pay $20 or more for shoes that aren’t Onitsuka Tigers! ), and I’ve always kind of envied the people who could afford $800 or more for a watch, especially gorgeous Concord watches that you see over at TheWatchery.

Personally, I could never afford even the most discounted watch, but TheWatchery’s discounts are marked down by literally hundreds of dollars, and while just anyone can’t afford them if you’re in the market for, say, a Corum Bubble then this is your place. In fact, I think the Corum Bubble is probably my favorite watch on the site, which has a huge selection of watches, many as much as 80% off of retail prices which is nice considering I don’t plan on spending $3000 for a watch anytime soon, lol. The best part is that you get a free watch with *almost* every purchase, and you can’t beat free – you’re basically getting two brand new luxury watches for less than half the price of one!

LG Chocolate and iPod Touch Promotions

As you’ve likely noticed, Beautiful Sin is becoming a full-time freebie site of sorts, meaning I still rant here but the freebies section has grown as well as freebies like free iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and Shoes – well, I’ve also started giving out incentives for anyone who signs up under me and completes an offer on every freebie I’m working towards that involves paypal cash – if you contact me first, tell me which of my freebies you’re interested in I’ll tell you if I’m going for the cash and I’ll be happy to pay you $5 to complete an offer, like the 99 cent trial for eMusic!

For freebies that I’m NOT going out for cash on, though, I’ll be happy to pimp your link up on my Exposure list and even sign up under you and complete an offer for a freebie site provided I haven’t signed up yet, and it’s legit ( and yes I will be checking! ) and not a scam.

There’s a great freebie promo right now, though – just 1 credit to complete, and only ONE referral if that referral signs up in April! You still have a few days to get your Free LG Chocolate Phone or your brand new iPod Touch for only ONE REFERRAL! Please send me your links if you sign up so that I can put you up on my Exposure List! If you’d like to trade referrals ( only those who’ll trade a completed offer for a completed offer! ) also email me and let me know!

Freebie News: Free Greens!

For a limited time, for those of you in the Freebie trade, iFreeCash is giving away free greens! That means free, fully green referrals for those who join up – and many of their freebies only require 1 referral, so you’d get that out of the way!

Remember, these free ‘greens’ are not going to be around forever – in fact, I’d consider them almost gone since I’m new to the scene and *I* just found out about them! Freebies include Free Video Games, Free Cash andFree Laptops!

Home Music School

I’m a big music lover – and I’d love to be able to play guitar better than I can at the moment, and maybe sing a little, but I just can’t afford it and, to be honest, I don’t know when I’d have the time to deal with someone else’s schedual considering I’m up for three days at a time then out like a light for 12 hours.

Something that sound promising is Amadeus Home Music School. I’ve never in my life heard of music home school, but apparently it was founded by actual music teachers and is a lot less expensive than average music lessons. Might be worth a try!

Freebie News: Free Greens at iFreeCash

I’ve had a whopping amount of emails since I posted about iFreeCash’s free greens – and I want to clarify some things.

First of all, a green is a completed sponsor – not a referral, my bad! Secondly, you sign up at one of these freebie sites: Free Video Games, Free Cash and Free Laptops – and open a support ticket with the following info:

title: A4F free green
text: Please credit me for a free green if they’re still available, thank you!

Support should credit you within the day ( mine was within 1 hour! ), after that you just need referrals, and I’m sure when they find out about the free green you won’t have to worry about that! Plus they’re ‘forever green’, which means you only have to green 1 time ( which is covered if you get the free green ) and then with extra referrals you can cash out as many times as you like without having to complete new offers. Awesome!

Power Up!

Blogger_embedOkay, granted I don’t really love the idea of getting an Xbox 360, and I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve been so poor for so long that I’ve never even used a playstation – the last game station I used was a Nintendo 85 edition, and no I’m not kidding! I wouldn’t know what to do with an Xbox, so I’m afraid of them, I admit it! Lol.

But, I love the idea of a $100 gift certificate and 12pack of MAXXED energy pops, though, because I’m a soda fanatic and, as it turns out, a money fanatic, too, lol. On top of that I’ve been so tired and sluggish lately, the sheer amount of time I work a day has drained the life out of me, and I’d love to see if MAXXED really works and lives up to it’s name, and if I get to grab some free swag on top of that then all the better! Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you’re interested in winning the Xbox 360 Elite Bundle even if you don’t have a blog to post it on, check out the MAXXED Keep Going Sweepstakes by clicking on my Energy Meter and giving me some much needed ‘energy’ to keep going in the sweepstakes!

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