Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie

So, I finally got off my butt and saw the Simpsons Movie ( yes, I know I’m almost a year late! ), but I have to say that I had high expectations of the film and it more than surpassed them!

I’ve been a big fan of Groening’s work, especially The Simpsons and Futurama, and because I’ve been a die-hard Simpsons fan ever since the show premiered I thought I had a pretty good handle on what they were capable of. I assumed it would be one film-length episode of The Simpsons and, while it was basically the same, they pulled out all of the stops for this one!

The animation was fabulous, the detail is just gorgeous, and they used their budget to great effect. The story is actually very moving in addition to being hilarious, and they pay give us oldies something to cheer about with callbacks to some of the oldest and most beloved Simpsons gas, such as jumping The Springfield Gorge and “Release The Hounds”.

Overall, the film was far better than I expected, it was worth th eir time and effort and definately worth the price of the DVD which I will be ordering as soon as I get my bills paid assuming I’ve got leftover. Go rent it, damn it! Lol.


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