Halloween Costumes

So, Jon and Don have maybe the best costumes this year that they’ve ever had – and I’m jealous! They’re double dating with their wives as Hank and Dean Venture from the Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim. I so want something other than Sadako for my costume this year, but fat chance.

I’m so tired of living out in the boonies, where you can’t find a 7-11 or any Halloween Costume Stores to save your life – in fact, the closest mall is something like 140 miles away. It’s pretty much impossible to get a decent, quality Halloween costume which royally sucks because Halloween’s one of my favorite holidays.

I sort of want to try that link out, though, because until October 10, 2008 you get free shipping if you spend $60 or more at their store, plus if your costume’s wrong, doesn’t fit or you changed your mind they have a quick and easy returns policy.

I think I’m gonna go the cheap way this year and go as Sadako again, because I already have a white dress and black wig, but if I ever have the cash to buy a costume online then that’s definately where I’m going first!

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