Fat People: Just TRY?

Holy crap! Some of the things people suggest to help ‘fat’ people become ‘normal’ are insane! I was talking to this chickie at the store today, and she made a comment about how all fat people have to do to be thin is to just get up off that couch and lay off the chips – as if it’s that easy!? Like everyone who’s overweight is just lazy and they eat too much, that’s all there is to it? That’s crazy-insane! What is wrong with this woman?

She even suggesed that people fix their cravings by doing things that are obviously dangerous, here are some of them – you’ll laugh and be scared at the same time!

Replace food cravings with:
Crushes, you can never have enough and they satisfy a sweet tooth! there’s nothing like obsessing over that certain someone!
Sponges. attack that dirty sink or kitchen floor and wipe your stress away!

I have to write them all down, they’re hilarious!

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