Seal the Deal With Proper Plunger Technique

Indoor plumbing has become an indispensable creature comfort, and when it’s suddenly taken away because of its drain clog, it can feel like an quick emergency. Some blocks do require professional aid to clear, but others are minor enough that you could clear them by yourself with your reliable plunger.

Plungers are relatively self explanatory tools, but depending on your technique, you may find yourself plunging away to no avail. The next time you attempt to clear a clog on your own, keep these tips in mind to maximise your efforts.

Choose Your Weapon

Plungers may be found in a range of sizes for a range of drain types and diameters, so that the very first action is to pick a plunger with a glass diameter that is only somewhat larger than the drain. There are additionally two designs: standard plungers and flange plungers. A standard plunger features a simple cup that looks like a half-sphere, whereas a flange plunger has an extension that makes it the more effective option for plunging commodes.

Not Too-much, Not Too Little

Regardless of what sort of drain you’re plunging, the water level is vital. Too much standing water, therefore the agitation from plunging will cause it to splash all around the location — particularly disorganized if you’re referring to a blocked toilet. Too small water, and you won’t be able to get a correct seal around the drain. Make sure the water degree is just deep enough to fully protect the plunger glass. If you need to bail water off, put on rubber gloves and make use of cup or container.

Optimum Pressure

You’ll put more pressure on the clog if you plug up empties located close by. For example, if you are planning to plunge the bathroom, place the stoppers within the tub and sink empties. If you need to ad-hoc a stopper, you can use a damp washcloth.

Seal It Up

Whenever you’re ready to plunge, it’s all about the seal. A strategy regarding the trade is to smear a small petroleum jelly in the rim for the plunger or flange. But more notably, you must ensure the rim is generating contact most of the way around the drain, and that the plunger handle is pointed directly up.

Leap Away

With your seal secure, leap right up and down for up to 30 seconds. You can try this a few occasions if necessary; however, if a few rounds with appropriate plunger technique don’t do the trick, it’s time for you phone into the neighborhood San Diego plumber. 

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