More on DeathNote

UnknownOkay, I found out something today about the DeathNote movie that I didn’t realize before. It looks like it may be the Japanese version! Although, I don’t recognize the actors ( and a lot of Japanese-style films come out of Korea these days ), I’m fairly sure it’s Japanese and when it comes out in select theaters ( May 20 and 21st ) it’ll have English dubbing, which honestly I’m not a fan of. I’d rather read subtitles and hear the original language ( I’m a big fan of Asian and African languages, it comes with being slightly obsessive, lol. ).

As I’ve previously stated in my gushing over Deathnote, it’s about a teenager who finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone – as long as you’ve written their name in the book and, of course, being a fallable human being, Light takes on the role of God and begins judgement and punishment as he sees fit. If you haven’t seen the insanely popular anime series or read the amazing manga, you’re missing out, and I strongly suggest making DeathNote the movie your introduction into this genre. Check out for ticket information!

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Supernatural – Hmm?

Well, Steph’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank on this one, lol, but I watched an episode of Supernatural tonight and Dean and Sam are just adorable. Ugly as sin, but adorable. See, I’ve seen it before and it was worthless – and don’t get me wrong, the show’s not compelling, it doesn’t suck you in, and to be honest the premise is pure horseshit, but the dialog is hilarious. Go team!

So, now I’ve got to just fess up to this, I’ll likely be watching it from now on lol. “F” you Steph and Heather! F YOU IN YOUR V! I do deserve this, though, for getting Steph hooked on Asian horror lol.

Bourdain Is My God Now

So, I love Anthony Bourdain. I’ve just decided I do. I’m a huge fan of No Reservations ( travel channel ) because of the places they go, the food and the culture, and I’ll never get to go anywhere so it’s nice to have a pretend experience, but even if it was just a stupid cooking show I’d still love Bourdain, that man is so freaking funny, smart and sexy, I don’t know where they found him.

I’m starting to think he’s lobbying for my affection, lol. He’s from New York, he quotes Nietzsche, loves The Ramones, gets inked, drinks, smokes, bitches and makes fun of the likes of Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay ( two hosts I despise ) and it makes me wonder if I made him in the garage with my power tools and just forgot about it? Seriously, it sounds like I programmed him myself, doesn’t it? Lmao. I’m watching his Vietnam ep right now and waiting impatiently for No Reservations China episode that’s this week. And now he’s smoking, because he knows that drives me insane. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit obsessed, lol.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Well I just got to see The Greatest Game Ever Played, and now I question the sanity of the people who panned it in reviews and whatnot. It’s absolutely beautiful, and this is from someone who pretty much doesn’t give two shots about golf, in fact I’m basically bored to tears by the game, but they totally make you feel for the characters with great casting, writing and directing and they really made me care about that particular US Open.

Of course, I saw it because Shia’s in it, and his films never seem to dissapoint even if they’ve gotten bad reviews. So color me surprised that they really are good films. I didn’t even want to see Disturbia, lol. In fact, I’m still ticked that they remade it but it’s *so* good. Le sigh, lol.

Short Review – Cloverfield

Okay, well apparently Cloverfield is a piece of crap and I’m glad I didn’t waste my precious time and even more precious money going to see that turd box in the theater, because they don’t deserve my ticket money lol.

See, when Cloverfield first came out I thought, “Oh jesus, another We’re Douchebags horror movie.” and I wish I’d just kept that in my mind at all times instead of being fooled by the fact that the amazing Drew Goddard was the pen for this stinker. The concept’s not bad, and I agree that American should have it’s own Godzilla-like monster, but can we please have central characters who don’t annoy me and make me spend the entire movie going, “OH GOD, please just die already! Show me the monster before you go!”?

Jay and Silent Bob

You know what I miss? The 90s. It annoys me that the 90s is over, and that kids today are disrespectful, and they drive too fast, and their music is just noise, and things cost more than they used to, and Hawaii was better before. So, yeah, basically I’m really old, lol.

I’m watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is technically a 2001 production but it has so many earmarks of the 1990s that it’s nostalgic for me, and I’m sure that Kevin Smith intended such an emotional tug for a film starring two loveable stoners that we all grew up with. I’m actually sad that there will be no more Jay and Silent Bob films, because of all of the things from my youth, The Fat Man and The Little Kid will be one of the things I miss the most – along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 3rd Eye Blind, velour shirts and gemtones.

Don’t mind me, I’m just crying a tear into my beer, lol.

God of the New World

Unknown-1Okay, unless you’ve been living in a sock in a hamper for the last few years, you’ve heard of Deathnote, either via the fantastic manga comic, or 2006’s Desu Noto the very popuar anime series based on the manga ( I think there’s already been a Japanese film released based on the Manga as well, but I’ve had a hard time finding it ).

DeathNote (Death Note) is about Light Yagami, a teenage student ( I think he’s 17 or 18 but I can’t remember ) who finds a notebook that claims to hold the power to kill anyone who’s name is written in it. Of course Light can’t resist becoming The God of the New World and taking justice into his own hands – it’s really brilliant stuff, very compelling.

Well, now I’m hearing that we’re set to get our own film about Deathnote on May 20th released to a nationwide audience, and I *have* to go see it. Or I will die. Yes, die, lol.

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Review: One Missed Call (08)

Well, it’s official, the remake of One Missed Call was actually worse than I thought it would be. They added a…and then there was the…and he was a cop but…have you ever wanted to be able to shoot just the piece of your brain out that controls the memory of one single film? Spoilers Below

First of all, someone start punching that main chick – just, please. Punching. Because she was worthless through the entire thing, and where as I loved Yumi and wanted her to make it, this new chick actually made me root for the ghost! Yes, that’s right, I wanted them to get her and kill the shit out of her.

Plus, they promised me Azura Skye and she was only it in for, like, 10 minutes! Plus, there are so many inconsitancies between the films it makes the remake look like a 100 monkeys wrote it with their feet. Somehow Newmi ( which is what I call the main character, since she’s New Yumi ) happens to be everywhere the ghosts are – in places she wasn’t in the first film – poking her ass into the crime scenes and then, to convince us that she’s terrified, she begins acting like she just swallowed a bug. She went to the Meg Ryan School for Acting Good, or something. She makes Anne Hathaway look like Judy Denche in comparison. ( I know what you’re thinking, how can I possibly be Judy Denche when I’m so obviously Halle Barry – okay, I’m done, lol. )

On top of this, they added BS that didn’t need to be in there – like the multitude of ghosts out of nowhere. Just random smack-faced ghosts with dead, blue skin and meanacing faces just staring at you if you’ve gotten the call – and then it turns out that *fanfare* those ghosts are actually exact replicas of the little ghost girl’s toys! Plus, there’s nothing left of the original film to make this scary – they kept a very few things, and didn’t really think about what they were doing. This movie is SO bad, it gets a negative rating – three thumbs up my butt. Do yourself a favor, watch the original.


Okay, I love horror films – to the point of obsession. I’m currently working part-time on a horror film review blog and I’m so in love with horror films that I actually have the Ringu Japanese TV series from 1999, as well as a huge collection of Asian horror films and I still can’t get enough! Well, even with all that, I’m not that big a fan of American horror films, they just don’t do it for me, especially remakes of Asian horror ( that drives me crazy! ) But I got to see the trailer for Frontier(s), and I have to admit it looks very cool.

Frontier(s)’ unrated version will be released into theaters, which is something most films never get a chance to do. It’s quie scary looking and very suspense-y ( I love suspense-y, it’s my favorite thing about a film ), but even with all that this really doesn’t look like my cup of tea. The reason is that it’s just way too gorey looking for me, and I’ve never been really into Hollywood’s new style of Horror called, “Torture Porn” ( blame Joss Whedon, don’t kill the messenger! ), that includes such films as Hostile, The Hills Have Eyes remake, and the popular SAW series – I’m more into subtle creeps, the weak becoming the powerful and the idea that rage and strong emotion can become a dangerous creature unto itself. It definately looks scary, though, I’ll give them that, and if I have the money and it makes it to my tiny little town then my butt will be in that theater, you can bank on that!

If you’re up for a chilling frightfest, check out select theater listings for more information on Frontier(s), and if you see it and you’d like to see your review get some net time, let me know about it! I’d love to feature your review on my site. :)

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June’s Around the Corner

Well, it’s almost Wimbledon time again now that June’s creeping up the trail and, to be one hundred and fifty percent honest I’m really only looking forward to the U.S. Open. I’ve tried watching the French Open and, let me tell you, I just can’t get into it – maybe it’s just that France depresses me ( it’s the postion of the sun and how it effects the color of natural light, I know it is ), and the games should be exciting but I end up just going, “Gah!” and changing the channel.

I’d love to get my hands on some Wimbledon tournament tickets, though even if I did I know I couldn’t go – I don’t even have transportation to the Walmart that’s twenty five miles away in the next town, so how am I going to get to San Diego, CA? But I’d love a chance to go, how often do you get to see someone like Justine Henin play at the top of her game? Never, that’s how often. It would be so cool to get to see her, or Serena who’s my absolute fave – I haven’t been keeping up with it this last two years, though.

So, basically, now I’ll just be bellyaching over it forever and ever. Granted, though, Tennis really isn’t my sport though I do enjoy it. I’m really a baseball fan at heart – buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!