Supernatural – Hmm?

Well, Steph’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank on this one, lol, but I watched an episode of Supernatural tonight and Dean and Sam are just adorable. Ugly as sin, but adorable. See, I’ve seen it before and it was worthless – and don’t get me wrong, the show’s not compelling, it doesn’t suck you in, and to be honest the premise is pure horseshit, but the dialog is hilarious. Go team!

So, now I’ve got to just fess up to this, I’ll likely be watching it from now on lol. “F” you Steph and Heather! F YOU IN YOUR V! I do deserve this, though, for getting Steph hooked on Asian horror lol.

Bourdain Is My God Now

So, I love Anthony Bourdain. I’ve just decided I do. I’m a huge fan of No Reservations ( travel channel ) because of the places they go, the food and the culture, and I’ll never get to go anywhere so it’s nice to have a pretend experience, but even if it was just a stupid cooking show I’d still love Bourdain, that man is so freaking funny, smart and sexy, I don’t know where they found him.

I’m starting to think he’s lobbying for my affection, lol. He’s from New York, he quotes Nietzsche, loves The Ramones, gets inked, drinks, smokes, bitches and makes fun of the likes of Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay ( two hosts I despise ) and it makes me wonder if I made him in the garage with my power tools and just forgot about it? Seriously, it sounds like I programmed him myself, doesn’t it? Lmao. I’m watching his Vietnam ep right now and waiting impatiently for No Reservations China episode that’s this week. And now he’s smoking, because he knows that drives me insane. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit obsessed, lol.

TV-Less Me

TV bows right now, I’ve been working too long and I want to watch something decent, damn it, lol. There’s rarely anything good on, and when there is something on it’s on during my workday so I don’t get to see it.

At least tonight The Riches and The Universe come on, but I’ve missed one of my shows today and I’m gonna have a tissy over it, lol. Off to watch The Riches!