Trade Up

I’ve never been big into online trading, because I really feel it’s very much like online gambling, only the name Online Trading leaves a sweeter taste in people’s mouths. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’m even too afraid to gamble – because I’m poor, lol. But, I do see the need to move trading onto the internet, and I’m sure you’re like me and you’ve been aware – and possibly afraid of – the big names that have been around since the dawn on online trading, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a trading platform like the one you get when you check out the features over at eToro.

Apparently, over at eToro, you get specialized trading arenas for both the more experienced trader, and the upstart, and they have a lot of great features to boot!

Currently I’m browsing info on their Forex Trading. The Forex Trend arena lets you compare the three major world currencies which are US Dollars, Euro and GBP, and choose the rising or falling trend against other currencies as you see fit. It’s a bit complicated for me, and I’m sure they’ve already completely, utterly lost me, lol. But it looks like a fun way to get into the whole world of online trading, and it’s definately a bright idea. If you’re into the trading scene, or want to be, I really suggest checking it out!

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