Sugar from Brazil

I’ve been lurking around on big coffee and tea vendor sites like bocajava and yogitea, and I’ve been thinking about weird random things like trying to make green tea candles and looking into kinds of sugar, and I’ve been to this site that had some interesting things to say.

I didn’t realize, for instance, that 20% of the world’s sugar crop comes from Brazil, or that they even grew suger cane. I think it’s just because sugar’s something I take for granted, like most people, so I don’t really think about where it comes from or how much it costs, and honestly I really should be thinking about it – we all should. Because ethanol can be made from sugar ( didn’t know that, either! ), and with the world’s fuel crisis we’re going to need a fix, and we’re going to need it soon.

Actually, if Brazil is such a major player in the sugar world ( so much so that it basically controls world sugar prices ), then here soon it’s going to control fuel, too, because once you get into the sway Brazilian sugar priceshave over the sugar market you can start to see what kind of sway they’ll have over the fuel market, too.