Spark Up!

Well, it’s money time, as it turns out! SocialSpark’s been launched for a little while now, and I’ve been an active member since just before it’s launch, and I’ve got to say, overall I really like it.

The ability to make extra cash I like, and I’m in love with the idea of sponsorships, though they way they go about it is likely to scare off visitors and null the advertiser’s attempts to get new customers. I also like the social aspect, it’s like MySpace only it doesn’t suck and it’s full of people you have at least *something* in common with, which really sets it apart from other social networking friend sites – plus, the great majority of the time your friends are actually there and easy to identify. That, and did I mention that you can make money?

In addition to this being a social network, you get a fairly in depth personal profile, like This One. I chose Nick’s profile because he’s one of my closest, and most insane friends.

Overall it’s really got potential, and I’m happy to be part of it, but some things about it drag the experience down a bit. The slow load time of the pages for one – what good is a pretty site if, by the time you load the page, the opp you want isn’t open anymore? And the wait list in queues is exceptionally long, plus half the time when a reserved opp becomes available it’s in the middle of the night so by the time I get to it, it’s already gone.

But making money on the site is easy once you get used to how things work, and everyone’s very friendly and easy to get along with. The rating systems rule, and the sparks ( non-paid opps that just give you something creative to write about ) are always a lot of fun and easy to write about, plus you occasionally come across ideas, issues and services you wouldn’t have known about before.

This post is sponsored by my old friend PayPerPost.

Become a Sparkler!

As you know, I’ve been using SocialSpark and I’m already a big fan of it. I’ve been sneaking through all the neat opps and sparks, and I’ve even taken a few – very easy peasy!

One thing that I really enjoy about SocialSpark is that it’s more like a community ( think Facebook or Myspace, only not creepy and dangerous ) – only it’s a community of Posties, so we already have tons in common with eachother. I’ve browsed a lot of the members profiles there and found quite a few new favorite blogs and a few new friends that I like to call my “Sparklers”. Plus what’s true for me is true for other Posties – not only am I finding new blogs, but people are finding mine, and I’ve gotten quite a few nice comments so far! It’s a great way to build up a bit of new traffic.

I’m not so fond of the intensely graphic-based panels, because even on my highspeed they take forever to load (especially that splash screen!), but the sheer amount of cool things you can do once your inside is well worth the wait, even for Faith, who is notoriously impatient, lol. I’m also not a big fan of the way you search for opps, but I am still finding my way around so I may be missing something.

On top of paid posts, you can do what I’ve done and sign up to be considered for a blog sponsorship which displays a sort of splash screen on your website, or a bar like you probably see at the bottom of the screen. And for each day you keep it up, you get a bit of cash, which adds up quick! And if you get tired of it, you have the ability to deactivate the sponsorship and keep the money you’ve already earned!

A neat thing about SocialSpark is that they’ve got a “Code of Ethics” that all Posties must adhere to in order to be part of the network, to keep everyone honest and all reviews worthwhile for both the Advertiser and the Postie’s readership – honesty is a must, must, must! If you’re thinking of joining SocialSpark and would like to know the Code of Ethics before you try loading the super slow Splash page ( lol ), I’ve added it below:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

All that, plus you get Sparks! Sparks are freebie content, meaning you don’t get paid to write about them, but they do give you some great ideas for content on your blog – ways of keeping it fresh, and keeping up to date even if you’ve found yourself dealing with a wicked case of writer’s block.

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