Gorgeous Shoes

Ahhh, kawaii! Now I have to have Mooz! Okay, Mooz are shoes, lol. Stupid Inifinity Shoes, why must you tempt me with your gorgemous minnetonka boots and tsubo shoes? I’m a big maryjane fan but I know Laota would just go nutso for the fabulous Foxy Mama’s in black, she’s a t-strap fanatic and has been for far over a decade. Plus t-straps are so adorable, and you can go cutesy, classy or rocker chick with them – in fact, I’ve got a pair of Lucky 13’s with a four inch heel and double t-strap maryjane going on that I’ve only ever worn once, but I just absolutely adore them.

The sheer variety of shoes over at Infinity Shoes is amazing, some of these shoes are ‘outdated chic’ which means they have a great, edgy and retro look to them that I just adore, and many are shoes I’ve loved and haven’t been able to find for sale since I live in the middle of nowhere. The seychelles shoes are my favorite, I could live on the Bachelorette’s without food or water for the rest of my natural born life, lmao. I’m in love with the Mooz, though, most of all – I’ve decided I can’t live without them to the point where I think I may actually fight you for them. :P