Feeling Lousy

Argh, my back is killing me. My muscles, dude, just… argh. I haven’t slept in forever and ever, which means now I’m going crazy and all I wanna do is sleep lol, but I’ll be damned if I miss seeing Eagle Eye tonight – I’m ready to kill a few people for me missing The Dark Knight as it is. Glad I got to see it, but would have rather seen it in the theater here, you know? But let me tell you, it’s impossible to get $10 in cash and the theater here is so teeny tiny that they only accept cash, so it’s always a big situation just to go out to the movies.

The snacks cost too much, no fountain drinks, too many hillbillies, they always screw up the movie plus they give us, I shit you not, carnival style raffle tickets instead of actual film stubs, so it’s… kind of stupid to even call yourself a theater if you’re acting like a Mormon church social lol. Pot luck, anyone?

Rawr, Stomach!

Ugh, I’m under too much stress and my stomach is *killing* me. I’ve got about the worst ucler and reflux problem I’ve had in a long time, and I think it’s due to my constantly being queasy and tossing my cookies so much ( god that’s painful ). I wish I could see a doctor or something to find out what’s wrong with me, but what would I pay him, snarky jokes?

It annoys me because I’ve got friends who are such babies that they go to the ER for *everything*, but my leg could be falling off and I’d just have to accept it and move on, you know? I swear to Odin, some people are so spoiled it’s not even funny.