’m having a whiney moment of mid-life-ness, even though I’m at quarterlife. I’m always having mid-life-ness, though, I think it comes from being isolated in my current life. I’m still the best of friends with almost everyone I was close with in my teens, but they were lucky enough to get out of this town, so even though we run up our phone bills, send letters and presents, and talk every single day it’s hard not to feel seperate from them and my youth.

See, my parents were more than strict. My sister and I lived in a really abusive environment, and we weren’t allowed out of the house most of the time, let alone to run around and do teenage stuff, so I think that for that reason I’ve never been able to mature past the late 90s. That, and I can’t stand the 00s, so far they’ve been a bust, don’t you think?

But due to my parents stealing Laota and my youth, I tend to feel displaced and very much like I’ve missed my entire life. Because of this I live in a perpetual state of 18 years old, where I know what year it is, who’s President ( though I wish I didn’t ), and I’m quite able to function at my job and in my everyday life, but I’m never able to move past the time that I missed. I’m very much like a little child who doesn’t want to go to bed early in fear that, when the fun happens, he’ll miss it.

That’s exactly it. The reason I move from mania to mania, I think, is my need to be there for the fun. It’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in something, like making and carrying bento, horror films, websites, etc., and it’s the reason I can still listen to Champagne Supernova as if it were a brand new song, no matter how many times I’ve heard it – it’s because I’m looking for something to fill a life I feel is gone already. I want to have something, anything, to hold onto now that my youth is slipping away from me, but I’ve felt my youth leaving since my mid teens. I want something of my youth, I want to relive that space in time again and forsake any instruction from or fear of my abusive, horrible parents – I want to live, even if it’s only for a little while

Concert Wah

Ugh, now I wish I lived closer to, well, anywhere that I could catch a concert. I never have the money, and honestly I don’t have the transportation anyway. But there are so many great acts touring in the U.S. right now, and I’ve been hearing about Debbie Harry, Madonna and Bonnie Hayes making the rounds, plus my one true love, which would be Gogol Bordello.

Gogol came through KC, I think it was, last year and Laota and I kicked ourselves for not being able to attend. We couldn’t get tickets, anyway, and then I found out that a friend had to give her tickets away due to a time situation. It’s too bad she didn’t know about Free Ticket Exchange, it’s pretty radical. It’s a free service, you can either sell your tickets that you don’t want, or find some to buy and FTE doesn’t charge you a fee to do so. Absolutely no fees, how cool! The site’s so cool looking, and it loads fast so that alone would make me encourage people to try it out, oh yeah and the no fees thing, lol.

As you can likely tell, I’m all about freebies. I’m a freebie nut, and my favorite freebies ( with the exception of free samples ) are free services, 100% free services. Tell you’re not going to go visit FTE. I know you are. Just go, you know you want to.

The Pop Star Challenge

Like most of you, I’d never heard of Alisa Apps until this week, but I just got a chance to take the Pop Star Challenge and compare Alisa to Rihanna. Okay, well, I just really don’t like Alisa – sorry! I like that the song has an 80s feel to it, and I think she’s got a nice voice, but she comes off in her video as a typical Ashlee Simpson-type, and I’m really not a big fan of the video or song in general.
I don’t get the appeal of this kind of artist, or the shallow, sex-over-substance music they produce.

I’ll give you that she’s very pretty and I have to admit she is talented, she’s got a decent voice and a lot of confidence in front of the camera, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing in this case because she spends half of the video pouting and almost seems like she’s using a pouty voice to sing with, too. It’s getting on my nerves, lol.

The song, overall, I don’t like but I think if they 80s it up a little bit it would actually be really good – it does sound like it came from the Brill building, though.

On the other hand, Rihanna’s video is a bit more polished and only half as annoying, though I’m not a big Rihanna fan myself and if I were to choose between the two as to who ‘wins’, I’d have to admit I couldn’t do it. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but I’m very picky when it comes to music and I’m sure the challenger’s want the truth, after all. I think both girls are talented, but I’m annoyed that people now judge music on how good you look instead of what it really sounds like. Give me The Strokes any day!

If you’d like to take the challenge, Go For It, and please let me know who you vote for, I’d love to see what verdict you come to!

Sponsored by Alisa Apps

Home Music School

I’m a big music lover – and I’d love to be able to play guitar better than I can at the moment, and maybe sing a little, but I just can’t afford it and, to be honest, I don’t know when I’d have the time to deal with someone else’s schedual considering I’m up for three days at a time then out like a light for 12 hours.

Something that sound promising is Amadeus Home Music School. I’ve never in my life heard of music home school, but apparently it was founded by actual music teachers and is a lot less expensive than average music lessons. Might be worth a try!

California Dreaming

Have you seen this? The kid’s name is, I think, Sungha Jung and he’s absolutely AMAZING! I questioned for a minute if he were really doing it or not, but it appears that he is – he needs to cut a demo and send it to me, lol.

I love this kind of music anyway, it’s just beautiful – to me this is soul music, it’s just got me, you know? Anyway, watch the video, lol. Prais the boy – and ty to Natalie for showing this to me!