More on DeathNote

UnknownOkay, I found out something today about the DeathNote movie that I didn’t realize before. It looks like it may be the Japanese version! Although, I don’t recognize the actors ( and a lot of Japanese-style films come out of Korea these days ), I’m fairly sure it’s Japanese and when it comes out in select theaters ( May 20 and 21st ) it’ll have English dubbing, which honestly I’m not a fan of. I’d rather read subtitles and hear the original language ( I’m a big fan of Asian and African languages, it comes with being slightly obsessive, lol. ).

As I’ve previously stated in my gushing over Deathnote, it’s about a teenager who finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone – as long as you’ve written their name in the book and, of course, being a fallable human being, Light takes on the role of God and begins judgement and punishment as he sees fit. If you haven’t seen the insanely popular anime series or read the amazing manga, you’re missing out, and I strongly suggest making DeathNote the movie your introduction into this genre. Check out for ticket information!

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Feeling Lousy

Argh, my back is killing me. My muscles, dude, just… argh. I haven’t slept in forever and ever, which means now I’m going crazy and all I wanna do is sleep lol, but I’ll be damned if I miss seeing Eagle Eye tonight – I’m ready to kill a few people for me missing The Dark Knight as it is. Glad I got to see it, but would have rather seen it in the theater here, you know? But let me tell you, it’s impossible to get $10 in cash and the theater here is so teeny tiny that they only accept cash, so it’s always a big situation just to go out to the movies.

The snacks cost too much, no fountain drinks, too many hillbillies, they always screw up the movie plus they give us, I shit you not, carnival style raffle tickets instead of actual film stubs, so it’s… kind of stupid to even call yourself a theater if you’re acting like a Mormon church social lol. Pot luck, anyone?

Footlight Parade – Love it, Sorta.

One of the greatest films ever shown, has everyone and everything in it, including Jimmy Cagney. The movie is FOOTLIGHT PARADE, one of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, it’s such a favorite that I know most of it by heart – though I just rented the DVD and found out how much they really cut out of this film.

Apparently you can’t show blantant racism in the form of the ever popular “Blackface Number” on television anymore, which is a shame because we could all use a little retardation in our lives, lol. SO many films during the War were like this, one of the most infamous being Holiday Inn. I realize they weren’t meant that way, people thought it was witty and progressive. Charming, even. That’s some crazy crap, dude, Holiday Inn is seen as some big family film! I wonder what AAAABRAHAM would say about this?


Both Hands and a Flashlight, Anyone?

Okay, I find it insane how many established, respectable and professional film critics have reviewed Eagle Eye without having seen it. Usually they get a screener, but it seems like nobody on earth knows what this film is about, and I’ve read all sorts of weird things in reviews that make absolutely no sense – you would have had to have skipped the film to believe them.

Such as, you ask? Well, first of all Rachel’s not Jerry’s mom, so at least 2 critics are wrong. Also, Eagle Eye is *not* about vampires – wtf. That’s Twilight, people. Plus Shia LaBeouf’s character Jerry Shaw? *NOT* a teenager. What kicks my ass about this is that the reviewers in question have given Eagle Eye bad reviews and they’ve obviously never seen the film. TFU!

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Well I just got to see The Greatest Game Ever Played, and now I question the sanity of the people who panned it in reviews and whatnot. It’s absolutely beautiful, and this is from someone who pretty much doesn’t give two shots about golf, in fact I’m basically bored to tears by the game, but they totally make you feel for the characters with great casting, writing and directing and they really made me care about that particular US Open.

Of course, I saw it because Shia’s in it, and his films never seem to dissapoint even if they’ve gotten bad reviews. So color me surprised that they really are good films. I didn’t even want to see Disturbia, lol. In fact, I’m still ticked that they remade it but it’s *so* good. Le sigh, lol.

Short Review – Cloverfield

Okay, well apparently Cloverfield is a piece of crap and I’m glad I didn’t waste my precious time and even more precious money going to see that turd box in the theater, because they don’t deserve my ticket money lol.

See, when Cloverfield first came out I thought, “Oh jesus, another We’re Douchebags horror movie.” and I wish I’d just kept that in my mind at all times instead of being fooled by the fact that the amazing Drew Goddard was the pen for this stinker. The concept’s not bad, and I agree that American should have it’s own Godzilla-like monster, but can we please have central characters who don’t annoy me and make me spend the entire movie going, “OH GOD, please just die already! Show me the monster before you go!”?

Lifelock In The News

Experian’s making news again by starting some crap with Lifelock, two class action lawsuits if I’m not mistaken, and the point of that is just because Experian’s losing money because Lifelock does just what it says it does. See, Lifelock places fraud alerts for the members who pay them $10 per month to protect the client’s identities, plus they opt you out of pre-approved junk mail. Well, this is ticking credit bureaus off, because when you get pre-approved junkmail it’s because the credit bureau actually sold your information! Forget about email junkmail, that’s a lot more serious, and you’re supposed to be able to trust the bureaus! Well, lifelock opts you out and the credit bureaus don’t like that because they lose money, plus they also end up spending money to set fraud alerts that are placed by Lifelock in your name. So how do they handle it? Law suits. Come on, man, these are the big boys – the credit bureaus! Shouldn’t they be behaving like adults? We trust ourselves to them, after all.

Johnny Blu Interview

Ahhh, giddified! Natalie’s gotten us an interview and possibly some donated merch from Johnny Blu, as seen on Princess Diaries 2, for our Anne Hathaway fansite! I don’t know how she managed it, but whatever she did it was worth it because how many other sites can claim interviews like that?

We’re working on trying to get it made into Anne’s official fansite or official website, I suppose is the title, and we’ve been building it for almost two years. We’ve worked our butt off on it, and hopefully this is a sign that we’re closer to official status. :D

Jay and Silent Bob

You know what I miss? The 90s. It annoys me that the 90s is over, and that kids today are disrespectful, and they drive too fast, and their music is just noise, and things cost more than they used to, and Hawaii was better before. So, yeah, basically I’m really old, lol.

I’m watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is technically a 2001 production but it has so many earmarks of the 1990s that it’s nostalgic for me, and I’m sure that Kevin Smith intended such an emotional tug for a film starring two loveable stoners that we all grew up with. I’m actually sad that there will be no more Jay and Silent Bob films, because of all of the things from my youth, The Fat Man and The Little Kid will be one of the things I miss the most – along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 3rd Eye Blind, velour shirts and gemtones.

Don’t mind me, I’m just crying a tear into my beer, lol.

God of the New World

Unknown-1Okay, unless you’ve been living in a sock in a hamper for the last few years, you’ve heard of Deathnote, either via the fantastic manga comic, or 2006’s Desu Noto the very popuar anime series based on the manga ( I think there’s already been a Japanese film released based on the Manga as well, but I’ve had a hard time finding it ).

DeathNote (Death Note) is about Light Yagami, a teenage student ( I think he’s 17 or 18 but I can’t remember ) who finds a notebook that claims to hold the power to kill anyone who’s name is written in it. Of course Light can’t resist becoming The God of the New World and taking justice into his own hands – it’s really brilliant stuff, very compelling.

Well, now I’m hearing that we’re set to get our own film about Deathnote on May 20th released to a nationwide audience, and I *have* to go see it. Or I will die. Yes, die, lol.

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