Lap of Luxury

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, then you likely know that in addition to my bento collection, I collect various luxury items. I love beautiful things. I can’t always afford them, though, so when I do make a purchase it’s well thought out and something I save up for, sometimes for months. I’ve got beautiful glass and wrought iron Chinese candle lanterns, zen gardens and fountains, bonsai-style ornamental sakura from Japan, beautiful hand-painted tea sets from all over Asia and Hawaii, antique books, etc., but you could hardly say that I live a luxurious or upscale life – I’m just not afraid to do without some things in order to make my dream purchases later on.

I really don’t have the space for anything big, though, but when I saw the beautiful Koi zen garden wood sculptures over at the Upside Living website, I just fell in love! They’re absolutely beautiful, and well worth the money for the quality of the pieces they sell. I’d add a photo but the images on their website are copywritten and can’t be downloaded or used on other websites, so you’re just going to have to go check it out on the website – as if you weren’t going to already! :)