Book Em, Dano

Last night Laota and I sat down and talked for a very long time about our novels, both WIP’s, and the directions we’d like to go with them and we hashed out a lot of ideas together for both stories and now *trumpet fanfare* Irene has an ending!

It’s also got a lot of elements it didn’t have before, like the ghost’s M.O. and how it’s curse spreads without making it truly viral, which is nice because before it didn’t have an M.O. at all. So it’s starting to come together and starting to make some kind of sense, and now I can forsee not only the entire first six chapters but also the way in which the ghost is created and how the book finally ends – I’m hoping I’m a decent enough writer to do any kind of justice to this genre, though.

I’ve got a lot of hangups about writing, and while I’m a fair plot person I’ve never considered myself a writer and that likely has a lot to do with me being surrounded by great writers in my circle of friends. I’ve noticed that you’re either great (H.S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac), you suck (Kelly Nuba) or you suck but people tell you you’re great (Anne Rice, and that chick who wrote Twilight), and I don’t want to be the latter – though I can deal with sucking or greatness, or even great sucking, lol.