Okay, I love horror films – to the point of obsession. I’m currently working part-time on a horror film review blog and I’m so in love with horror films that I actually have the Ringu Japanese TV series from 1999, as well as a huge collection of Asian horror films and I still can’t get enough! Well, even with all that, I’m not that big a fan of American horror films, they just don’t do it for me, especially remakes of Asian horror ( that drives me crazy! ) But I got to see the trailer for Frontier(s), and I have to admit it looks very cool.

Frontier(s)’ unrated version will be released into theaters, which is something most films never get a chance to do. It’s quie scary looking and very suspense-y ( I love suspense-y, it’s my favorite thing about a film ), but even with all that this really doesn’t look like my cup of tea. The reason is that it’s just way too gorey looking for me, and I’ve never been really into Hollywood’s new style of Horror called, “Torture Porn” ( blame Joss Whedon, don’t kill the messenger! ), that includes such films as Hostile, The Hills Have Eyes remake, and the popular SAW series – I’m more into subtle creeps, the weak becoming the powerful and the idea that rage and strong emotion can become a dangerous creature unto itself. It definately looks scary, though, I’ll give them that, and if I have the money and it makes it to my tiny little town then my butt will be in that theater, you can bank on that!

If you’re up for a chilling frightfest, check out select theater listings for more information on Frontier(s), and if you see it and you’d like to see your review get some net time, let me know about it! I’d love to feature your review on my site. :)

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