Unlocked GSM Phone Heaven

Holy macaroni! I’ve been given a chance to review a site that has Unlocked Cell Phones for actually decent prices for sale! I’m not one to review lightly, and granted even with the great prices I’m poor enough to where I’m just never going to be able to afford one of these, but right now I’m in desperate need of twounlocked motorola cell phones – one for me and one for Laota – because ours are unuseable.

By unuseable I mean that my mother took Laota’s and mine’s been broken for months, so long that I’m thinking about getting a crappy $10 tracfone for emergencies but it’s really not an ideal replacement, and if I do end up just buying a new phone I’m definately thinking of going through VibeCellular, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such low prices for new phones without a contract tossed in to trip you up and make you pay out the nose.

Plus, we already have a family contract, and if you need a replacement phone and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg then you’re going to hate your service provider because that’s exactly what they want you to do, this I know from personal experience.

Of course, you know me and pink, lol. I’m in love with this The Moto Razr V3. I really need a fairy godmother!

Car For Me?

Ahh, car! Want! Me, please? Apparently Samantha’s car in the Sex and the City movie is the brand new, impressive and trendy The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, the 5-passenger SUV that’s compact and just absolutely gorgeous! Mercedes-Benz has a sneak peak going on for these $43,000 cars that won’t be available until January 2009, which is kind of mean considering now I’ve got to wait – I hate that, lol.

Boy For All Seasons

So, I am now the owner of a brand new calendar thanks to Natalie, fellow fangirl and present giver extraordinare lol. Yesterday I got a package from her, all gift wrapped and everything, that contained a 12 month Shia LaBeouf calendar, lmao. I adore her and I’m a Shia fan but not a big fan of merchandise, plus even with my being a fan of his what would I do with that other than oogle it? Oh, right! Oogle it! Der, lol.

She’s such a sweetiepie, always thinking about everyone but hereself and, of course, she’s had the same front row seat to my Shia fixation as I’ve had to her obsession with sexy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starRobert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory, and yes he’s sexy now – seriously, google a few of his newer pics if you’re into kind of gothic guys, lol.

Picnic Daydreams

Ahh! AHHH! New favorite website! How did Dean Deluca know I wanted gourmet food for a picnic? Magic, that’s how! Evil mind reading magic! They’ve got teas, oh holy thunder of the Gods, they have teas! And ice cream thingies, I don’t even know what kind most of those are in but it’s absolutely adorable! Of course I want to go picnic with the coffee ice cream in an insulated bento, though I know it’d melt but I suppose I can pretend it was supposed to be ice cream soup, lol. Actually I could likely put it in a thermos with a few ice packs or use a cooler instead? I don’t know how well that would work but I’m definately willing to try it.

And obviously, anyone who knows me can attest to this, I’m a cake fanatic. Me and Natalie share this fixation with eachother that start with frosting and ends with lemon custard, lol. The Seashell Cake is absolutely beautiful! That’s what you call mouth watering right there, and honestly I think I’m going to have to sneak over and steal it because, yes, look at it – theivery is in my future! I can’t let Nat see it, there’ll be a fight over it and I don’t want to die for real over a cake I don’t really have, lol. So there you have it, I’m going to be kind of a pig here and have a pretend ice cream and cake bento picnic with iced tea. And I’ll get pretend sick, but that’s ok, because if I’m pretending anyway I may as well pretend I have health insurance!

Lap of Luxury

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, then you likely know that in addition to my bento collection, I collect various luxury items. I love beautiful things. I can’t always afford them, though, so when I do make a purchase it’s well thought out and something I save up for, sometimes for months. I’ve got beautiful glass and wrought iron Chinese candle lanterns, zen gardens and fountains, bonsai-style ornamental sakura from Japan, beautiful hand-painted tea sets from all over Asia and Hawaii, antique books, etc., but you could hardly say that I live a luxurious or upscale life – I’m just not afraid to do without some things in order to make my dream purchases later on.

I really don’t have the space for anything big, though, but when I saw the beautiful Koi zen garden wood sculptures over at the Upside Living website, I just fell in love! They’re absolutely beautiful, and well worth the money for the quality of the pieces they sell. I’d add a photo but the images on their website are copywritten and can’t be downloaded or used on other websites, so you’re just going to have to go check it out on the website – as if you weren’t going to already! :)

Discounted Luxury Watches

I’m basically poor – dirt poor, actually – and, to be perfectly and completely honest I’ve never really been able to afford designer anything. No brand new designer sunglasses, no luxury watches, or even slighly expensive shoes ( I refuse to pay $20 or more for shoes that aren’t Onitsuka Tigers! ), and I’ve always kind of envied the people who could afford $800 or more for a watch, especially gorgeous Concord watches that you see over at TheWatchery.

Personally, I could never afford even the most discounted watch, but TheWatchery’s discounts are marked down by literally hundreds of dollars, and while just anyone can’t afford them if you’re in the market for, say, a Corum Bubble then this is your place. In fact, I think the Corum Bubble is probably my favorite watch on the site, which has a huge selection of watches, many as much as 80% off of retail prices which is nice considering I don’t plan on spending $3000 for a watch anytime soon, lol. The best part is that you get a free watch with *almost* every purchase, and you can’t beat free – you’re basically getting two brand new luxury watches for less than half the price of one!

LG Chocolate and iPod Touch Promotions

As you’ve likely noticed, Beautiful Sin is becoming a full-time freebie site of sorts, meaning I still rant here but the freebies section has grown as well as freebies like free iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and Shoes – well, I’ve also started giving out incentives for anyone who signs up under me and completes an offer on every freebie I’m working towards that involves paypal cash – if you contact me first, tell me which of my freebies you’re interested in I’ll tell you if I’m going for the cash and I’ll be happy to pay you $5 to complete an offer, like the 99 cent trial for eMusic!

For freebies that I’m NOT going out for cash on, though, I’ll be happy to pimp your link up on my Exposure list and even sign up under you and complete an offer for a freebie site provided I haven’t signed up yet, and it’s legit ( and yes I will be checking! ) and not a scam.

There’s a great freebie promo right now, though – just 1 credit to complete, and only ONE referral if that referral signs up in April! You still have a few days to get your Free LG Chocolate Phone or your brand new iPod Touch for only ONE REFERRAL! Please send me your links if you sign up so that I can put you up on my Exposure List! If you’d like to trade referrals ( only those who’ll trade a completed offer for a completed offer! ) also email me and let me know!

Freebie News: Free Greens!

For a limited time, for those of you in the Freebie trade, iFreeCash is giving away free greens! That means free, fully green referrals for those who join up – and many of their freebies only require 1 referral, so you’d get that out of the way!

Remember, these free ‘greens’ are not going to be around forever – in fact, I’d consider them almost gone since I’m new to the scene and *I* just found out about them! Freebies include Free Video Games, Free Cash andFree Laptops!

Find Your Look

Okay, Rabid Readers, you caught me – I’m a fashion nut. I’m no Fashionista, but I have my own style and I’ve been known to beat trends to the runway ( leg warmers, 80s fashion, plastic jewelry, suspenders, newsboy chic ) though I do tend to drop a look once it’s become trendy and adopt a new one that I don’t think will ever catch on – like my Japanese loose socks.

Currently, in fact, I’m a big fan of the maxi dress over mini dresses no matter what the current trends tell me, but if you’re looking to grab something trendy, cute and affordable – and more importantly, in your size(!) – you can find something you’ll adore at OhSoChicBoutique.

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of their clothes and, while the Trendy section doesn’t have a lot of variety ( which is sad because it’s my favorite section ), the rest of the website does and they’ve got some fabulous pieces. I’ve already found some things I want to buy, like the gorgeous duo tone Sweet Lady in black and white that comes in size 18/20 which is about where I am right now, and the red, vibrant Delish with it’s gorgeous detailing and cap sleeves that you know I love considering I’ve more than once rambled on about them, lol. And if you’re looking to save some bread, partake in OSCB’s Spring Event and save 15% on your order plus FREE SHIPPING if you use the promo code SPringFling at checkout.