Boy For All Seasons

So, I am now the owner of a brand new calendar thanks to Natalie, fellow fangirl and present giver extraordinare lol. Yesterday I got a package from her, all gift wrapped and everything, that contained a 12 month Shia LaBeouf calendar, lmao. I adore her and I’m a Shia fan but not a big fan of merchandise, plus even with my being a fan of his what would I do with that other than oogle it? Oh, right! Oogle it! Der, lol.

She’s such a sweetiepie, always thinking about everyone but hereself and, of course, she’s had the same front row seat to my Shia fixation as I’ve had to her obsession with sexy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starRobert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory, and yes he’s sexy now – seriously, google a few of his newer pics if you’re into kind of gothic guys, lol.

So Damn Tired

You know, some people just hate change. And honestly, I’m tired of it because those people bitch 24/7 about things not changing instead of just sucking it up and doing something about it, but then when change comes along they freak out and want everything to stay the same. I realize I’m making no sense, but MEH.

I’m so tired of talking to people who want to be extraordinary so long as they don’t have to stop being mediocre to do it. I’m so tired of dealing with people who go along to get along and yet want special treatment, as if they’re a star or something. And more than that, I’m tired of typing this because my arthritis is killing me!

Living in the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

I’m a big-time, and long-time animal lover and share my home with my sister and our adorable Shortcake, a spoiled Tonkonese with a bad temper and a taste for kipper. Because of Shortcake and her love of biting things, we can’t have birds here, and we wouldn’t want to if we could.

I know that sounds weird coming out of an animal lover like myself, but I have a good reason for this – I don’t really have to buy birds to enjoy having them around. We’ve got lovely bluejays, robins, barn swallows, sparrows and owls outside (owls who hoot all DAY, as a matter of fact ) – there are so many kinds of birds within 15 feet of our front door that in the morning it sounds like the Enchanted Tiki Room in our living room!

However, if you have an adorable, mouthy bird in our house you may want to check out the stylish cages over at YCA Cages. They’ve got a lot of styles for everything from breeding to playing, and they’re all beautiful ( especially the Victorians! ). I’d definately check it out if you’re in the market for a new cage. :)